What mode am I in?


I cannot tell what mode I’m in - nothing changes about the icon.
How might I tell whether I am Away, Night Mode, or Disarmed?


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Curious as to what you are needing to check. I see your question, but are you experiencing issues?

First, you will not receive notifications as you have the silenced by the ZZZ over the bell - top right.

Other than that, are you asking about HMS, Cam Protect, or what? If Cam Protect, which camera(s) do you have associated with it?

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Hi Spamoni,

I do get notifications when armed in Night Mode, my standard use for these cams. 3 cams are PTZ and one is V3.
The icons show no change in any mode whether armed or not so, looking at them, you have no idea which mode the cams are in.
Is there a widget or any way to have a visual indication of current status?

Do you use Cam Protect on the Cameras? Or HMS?

I don’t pay anything extra, so it’s not Cam Protect or HMS.

So you setup those 3 shortcuts, and what actions do they have? Could you send a screenshot of the rules

This is the 2 main modes I use and they work - Night Mode and Disarmed.
You understand an alarm keypad or other alarm app will only have one option highlighted. These icons never change to tell you which is active.

Here is 2nd screenshot- New users can only upload one per post:

I’m not sure what your wanting to happen, but note that when you have some actions that turn something on, and others that turn it off, it runs them all at the same time in a random order.

These aren’t toggles, it just runs the commands.

So clicking the night mode runs all those commands and then it’s done. They are entirely stateless.

There is no way to tell what settings state any of your cams or devices is in after running one of your three Shortcut Rule commands.

The only visual references on the Device List Home Page that will give you any indication of which of the three was last run would be the Global Notifications Bell in the top right and the Green on\off cam status.

The quickest way to tell what state you last left them in (which one you pressed last) would be to click Account → Rules → History and look to see which Shortcut Rule you ran last.

As @IEatBeans indicated, the Shortcut Rules buttons are fire and forget. They are not an on\off button but a 'Run Rule Now" push button.

Also, there is some redundancy in your rules. If you are turning off Motion Detection, by default you won’t get any notifications from that cam because there will be no Video Upload Events to the server to initiate them. Your cams stop recording to the cloud. You don’t need to turn off cam notifications if you turn off motion detection.

Also, turning off all notifications for all devices will silence the app notifications altogether, globally (this puts the zzz on the Bell). This blocks all cam notifications so individual cam notifications off wouldn’t be necessary. But, the cams can still upload videos if the Motion Detection is on.

If you just don’t want notifications, but you still want the cams to maintain security watch and continue to record to the cloud, the bell icon is all you need.

Okay, thanks for your detailed reply.
I guess if there was a ‘widget’ or something you could tell ‘Turn Green when Disarmed, turn red when Armed’ that would work but I’m not a programmer and it looks like this isn’t a feature available.
I appreciate your info!

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Since the Shortcut Rule Buttons aren’t on\off toggles or status indicator buttons, but just momentary start buttons, changing the colors on them would get complicated since other rules would need the ability to change them back.

The Arm\Disarm commands are normally reserved for the Monitoring Tab for use with the Home Monitoring System and Cam Protect. In these, the Arm\Disarm buttons are integrated into the UI and do change colors. But, these are designed as status indicators whereas the shortcut buttons, which are rules specified by the user and can have endless possible variations, are not status indicators, just push buttons.

For your Night Mode and Disarmed, the status indicator is going to be the Bell icon since it will show zzz when Disarmed per your rule. Without seeing the difference in your Away Shortcut Rule, I can’t tell you if there would be something that would indicate that was active.

Since you have Android, there is most likely a way to use a 3rd party app called MacroDroid that can place a notification in your notification tray that will tell you which shortcut rule was last executed, but it would be really getting deep into tge weeds to set it up.

Excellent responses - I consider this matter settled.

Thank you!

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