I´m away status?

Hi guys, is there any way to know if the cameras are in the “I´m away” mode?

Every time I have this doubt, I have to press again the “I´m away” button. Maybe you can consider to change the color of the buttons, or something else, to make it easier to know.


The cameras don’t have an “I’m away mode”. Are you talking about a rule you have created that you called “away mode” or something like that? If that’s the case, tell us what you did.

Hi K6CCC, yes! I´m talking about a rule that I made for the cameras. But you can see two buttons in the opening screen when you turn on the wyze app.

In the pictures you can see that this buttons are predetermined shortcuts, but when I activate them, I cannot tell the status, wether “I´m away” or “I´m home”

I hope I was able to explain this…

Those are there because you created rules that put them there.

But I agree that it would be nice if you could tell the current state.

It’ll take a few clicks but you can go to “rules history” and see what short was ran last and when. One option.

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Your request does not make sense. Those are just simple shortcuts to run actions you defined. You can click them as many times as you like in any order. They have no state memory and no relation to one another.

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