What kind of Wyze merch would you like?

We’re planning on having some WyzeCam merch to be made! Besides T-shirts (these are just sample designs!), what other types of merch would you like to have? Let us know!

P.S. If you’re keen to help us design merch, message us!

I love that second design!

hats, polos :slight_smile:

usb sticks, tote bag and water bottles :slight_smile:

mini flashlights and key chains :slight_smile:

What merch? The cameras would be nice. Then we can think about coffee cups and T-shirts.


I think some thing like this

Window Decals would be beneficial and should be cheap and can help as a deterrent. Many companies include them with purchase or make them negligible in price to add to an order or a special like buy three cams get one free decal kind of deal. Also would recommend yard stakes with the same info on them. Those tend to be popular. Something generic like “Monitored with Wyze Cam” and a simple image of the camera.

I can’t wait!!! How about little tiny mockup cams that are keychains? But I am always game for t-shirts and hoodies!

Short sleeve tee. There is someone in your 1 millionth Wyze cam sold YouTube video wearing a black tee in the office. On the tee itself, there are three V2 looking at different angles. I want that one. Your brand doesn’t have to be loud or big.

And yeah, decal is very essential. Make a baseball cap too. I have got big head and hard to find hat that’s big and deep enough.

A hoodie would be awesome! I have seen you guys wearing them. Also a hat wouldn’t be bad. I will always wear a hat.

A hat with the cartoonized Cam V2 image on the front. Please make the large size available. I have big head.

I’m actually quite sad they don’t have short sleeve t-shirts for sale. I would seriously order one