What is this.... found on security camerA.. creepy

It looks like the south end of an animal. Possibly a cat?

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No there aren’t really any cats around here ever and were on 2nd floor they stay away from up here. And it was in the next screenshot

Cat or a raccoon aka “trash panda”, not really that creepy.


I thought same but where we are there are no raccoons and it doesn’t match any of the animals around here.
And if that is the back end the the legs at the top are backwards. The legs are facing the wrong way of the “tail”

Is there a video you can post also? My first thought is raccoon.

Looks like a dog with its tongue sticking out, to me. It’s either that or it’s an orangutan.

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You’re right, it’s probably some mythical creature, maybe a chupacabra? Or big foot crawling so as not to be seen through the windows.

It looks like it could be Alf?



Yeah, I vote chupacabra, LOL.

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A fox.

looks like a bug

It’s creepy if it did that to the door!

I thought it was the backend of the animal… but then the front legs would be backwards…

There is no such thing as “no raccoons” in North America. You may not ever see them, or a lot of different creatures living close by, at least not until you put up a security cam that sees well in the dark.

We’re out in rural America … it’s obvious what that is !