Always right outside the window around the same time every night


Always right outside the window around the same time every night
Though last one was animal… bu that would mean the front legs woul be backwards…
And I dont think bugs have a time schedule to go places. I got screen shots of bugs they never looked like the other pics also… but if they are bugs what kind. Has me curious… and I’m really trying to figure out what type of animal that could be especially since it’s on that time slot of the other things popping up.
We put up the camera because one day we came home and the door looked like that.
Normally what it grabs but motion captions it its streaky like you can tell it’s a bug. I had more but anyways it always between that hour every night something is right there and always has a different shape of other
Added a pic of the normal bug screenshots at the end.

The pics with the “barbed wire” looking bug have the bigger wings, as you can tell by them being flapped. The longer exposure time of the night vision makes them look big and Scarey. The last pic might be a piece of dust or a particle in the air. Do you have a SD card in? Might be able to get a better pic or video of the backwards animal.

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The 4th photo from the top looks like a raccoon to me.

The others do look like an insect.

Yeah I have three outdoor cameras and get those bugs all the time . Creepy.