What is power state of floor lamp after electric comes back on after off

I want to control floor lamp using Wyze Plug, e.g. for scheduling.

The lamp’s state is ‘off’ when power is returned, even if the lamp was on when power was lost. There is no ‘last state’ preference.

However, you can set schedules using the app that will turn the lamp on and off, and can even include brightness changes as well.

They haven’t implemented rules for the lamp, mainly because it is a Bluetooth device and there are no direct connections to WiFi devices. So you can’t say because a camera saw motion, turn the lamp on.

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Thanks. Perfect answer. So plug wouldn’t work.

So if not WiFi connected then the schedule is controlled by the lamp (unlike the bulbs)? Schedule set by app, triggered by lamp? Or scheduled and triggered by app (this would not be good).

Hopefully the “app” is the current Wyze app and not a separate one.

Yes, the schedule is self-contained within the lamp, after being created using the normal Wyze app.

A caveat in case you plan to use this as a security light: It wasn’t designed to be used that way. There is no Vacation Mode, for instance. It is designed more to be a reading or accent light.

If you plan to try and use the lamp for security lighting anyway, know that anything more than about a 2-second power outage will make the lamp forget its schedule, and you wouldn’t be able to reactivate the lamp or the schedule until you got the app back within Bluetooth range after returning home.

To reactivate the schedule at that point all you would need to do is run the app, and select the Floor Lamp from the home screen. You would not have to go into the schedules menu item, just the Lamp’s home page. When it automatically connects to the lamp at that point it would reeducate it.

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Usage is part accent part plant light supplement. The original bulbs work well for this (are they discontinued???), but I only have short table lamps. So… I’ll try a couple of floor lamps, see if I like’m.

Thanks again. Good info.