What is point of Micro SD card on Outdoor Camera?

Hi Everyone - I have been buying the WYZE products since the launch of all of them, but I have to say I am not so happy with the way the Outdoor Camera came out.

First off you cannot change the detection zone without phyically moving the camera, which was a feature in the first wired camera.

Second, why can I not record photos or videos to the SD card and not my phone? Can someone please tell me the point of putting an SD card in the base station or camera at the current time?

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The whole design of the WOC was constrained by battery life. The motion is restricted by a fixed IR detect zone. Saving the clip to the uSD card limits power hungry RF transmissions. If you stream the video it will kill the battery within a day.
There are many threads on this. Use the magnifing glass on the top right of this page to search for WOC . . .


You may find more searching for WCO (WYZE Cam Outdoor) instead as that is the way WYZE refers to it


What is the micro SD card slot on the camera for?

The micro SD card slot on the camera is meant for the time lapse and scheduled recording features.
This is meant to save videos that you intend to shoot with the camera such as a specific task continuously recorded over a couple of hours or monitoring a remote area without WiFi.
This is not meant for constant continuous recording like with Wyze Cam v2.
What is the micro SD card slot on the base station for?
The micro SD card slot on the base station is meant for a backup of the 12-second Event Videos.
This is a good feature to use if you are concerned about the camera becoming lost, stolen, or damaged where it is mounted.

Continuously recording to a micro SD card like Wyze Cam v2 will make the battery life extremely short.
Because of this, we did not build this feature and Wyze Cam v2 is still the best option for this use case.
However, we did build a ‚ÄúScheduled Recording‚ÄĚ feature where you can schedule specific times for the camera to continuously record to its local micro SD card
or record when PIR is triggered though this will reduce battery life.


Sorry for the delay… thank you very much for the information!!!

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