What if Wyze closes?

If Wyze follows that path that many tech companies follows…and closes…will the hardware still work? Seems like all of the hardware is dependent on a connection to the Wyze servers. If they close, why would they keep the servers running? I have 6 or 7 Wyze products now but I also have a Picobrew Zymatic and a boosted board- no support any longer for both.

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No, if Wyze went out of business any of the products that require a Wyze server login (all?) would stop working.
The V2 and Pan cameras will still work using 3rd party RTSP firmware.


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As of right now, Wyze devices wouldn’t work if Wyze’s servers shut down.


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Replacing fourteen V2’s wtth one camera on a good wired system will be equal. The components are standard in many camers and they will be useful as @angus.black says. Don’t spend too much time forcasting the demise of Wyze, just enjoy and learn. Its not like you are betting which car the protestors will trash tomorrow morning. . . :upside_down_face: