Servers down, do I now own Boat anchors?

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Ideally, everything should work with only Local Wifi and option for server. If I understand everything, when Wyze servers shut down, we have Paper Weights. I have been slowly converting my set-up to W-Fi controlled devices vs being locked in to a specific company and trying to avoid paper weights. So far I have switched my bulbs, light switches and motion detectors. Wondering if Wyze will let go on the grip of customers. Also, I think the profit here is in the shipping costs. I think I still have some X-10 devices as paper weight, so yes servers shut down and that was that.

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There is a lot of interest in this. Search the forums for many threads on RTSP, Home Assistant, and more. Short story, with a little effort you can use Wyze V2s and Pan Cams without company services being up. Wyze even provides its own RTSP alternate firmware, and there are others.

You tagged Wyze Cam Outdoor though. It’s unlikely that model will ever work this way.