What has happened to the "recent orders" page?

I had something like 5 orders showing yesterday, Today I get :No order has been made yet.

I still see mine in under Account tab > Order History in the app. Are you logged into your normal account?

Yup - only account

All of my past orders are gone too. And, yes, I am logged in to my account, which is different from my forum account (which is a long unfinished story going back to the beginning of Wyze and the forum that was never fixed).

So, I am a long-time, original customer, who is dismayed to see Wyze slowly going downhill. That big cash infusion awhile ago may not have been the best thing. Wyze may be getting too big too fast and forgetting its roots.

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LOL. K… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Works for me, you may want to give them a shout to see what happened.

They are back for me.