What happens to video

So if we are subscribed to the cam plus group and a event happens and the camera records it… what happens if someone steals the camera? id the event still able to be viewed ?

Yes. Event recordings are stored on Wyze servers. You can view them in the app. Of course anything recorded locally to the camera’s SD card is gone.

Not sure how much you lose real time when the camera is yanked, but I think it’s up to a minute.

@johnnybo, (I need someone that is more knowledgeable to confirm this, please). I read some place on Wyze info that if someone steals the camera, they can’t add it to their own network since you first put it on your network.

I don’t remember if this next part is accurate, but I would also think that if they steal it and you wish to make prevent them from using it, you probably need to leave it in your account. In other words, don’t go into settings and delete it, else that frees it up for them to be able to use it.

Anyone. Is this accurate?

No. That’s true only of the Wyze Cam Outdoor model.


Thank you for that reply. I guess now that’s where I read it too, the instructions that came with WCO.

Appreciate you.

It has been requested to be able to lock a camera to your account - but that has not happened.