What happened to the fast forward option in the events?

What happened to the fast foward option in the events? Thought they were gonna add it to playback and instead of adding it to playback they took it away all together

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Fast forward for Events is a current Cam Plus feature (2x & 4x for cloud Events only). This Wishlist topic covers fast forward/rewind for SD card playback.


All my cameras are on plus

If your app and cam firmware are up to date and running Cam Plus, you should see the fast forward icon under the time line on cloud Events (not Live Events or SD card Playback). What app version and cam firmware are you running?


It’s not there. All of my cameras are on Wyze plus.

I am using the iOS app 2.33.0 (17) and it is available on all my cams with cam plus.

Android I also have the FF. CamPlus.

The vid shot you posted is 12s. Is it CamPlus or CamPlus Lite?

Edit: Just payed attention and saw the subscription shot… CamPlus. :person_facepalming:

That’s odd. They didn’t take that away. I had that happen once, but can’t remember how I got it back. I think I had to reboot the cam. Have you tried that yet?

I see you have Cam Plus assigned to that cam but I also notice the video is only 12 seconds long, this could just be a coincidence or the cam may not be acting properly. I would try removing the cam from Cam Plus, reboot the camera and then reassign it, then see if it works properly. I apologize for this happening and hopefully we can figure it out.

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I’ve noticed that if an alert is only 12 seconds, the fast forward button isn’t there. If it is longer, it is there. I don’t know what controls the length of the alert video.

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That is helpful, I will run this up to the team. Thank you.

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Would be good to know if that is truly the case.

The length of the alert video should be 12 seconds if you do not have Cam Plus. On Cam Plus the events should go until the motion stops.

I have CamPlus and most events are 25-30 seconds, but some are 12. Sounds like that it working correctly. The 12 second ones aren’t many and they lack the fast forward button but they are only 12 seconds and usually don’t show anything…

That is true with sound detection since if you fast forward you will not able to hear anything (once fast forward the audio stream is paused). However with normal camplus event, even if it is less than 12s, the fast forward button should be there. Here I attached an 11s video for person detection.