What happened to 2/4/8x Fast Forward in events?

What happened with that? I saw it on my app a couple? of weeks ago and when I went to use it a couple of days ago, it wasn’t there anymore. I’m guessing it got removed? What for? Which version had it? Thanks.


What do you mean by “FF”?

Fast forward in beta? shrug

I never noticed it!

Yes. There was a fast forward option to scan through clips and it’s not there anymore. It went 2x, 4x, & 8x IIRC. Maybe 16x too. I only used it twice so I’m not real sure if it was 8 or 16x

So, where’d it go?


It wasn’t there long. You may have missed it. Seems like 1 version had it and was updated rather quickly to remove it. Only thing I can, figure is there were too many problems still.

So that’s why I was asking. @WyzeGwendolyn do you know anything about this?


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I would think it will return, it was pretty handy especially for those longer clips. I think it’s only for cam+ plus events.

It is something that we plan to bring back. I think it was removed due to bugs but I know we’re working on it. :slight_smile:


For what it’s worth it worked great for me. Looking forward to it coming back. Thanks


it will be a GREAT addition for the subscribers of PLUS

Whether Easter egg or buried for future use… it’s still there. I’ve run across the FF function while viewing Events multiple times across the past 2 public releases in both the iOS and Android apps. I’m not sure what triggers the FF display button, nor do I know how to reproduce the scenario. Most of the time it’s in my face and fully functional… until I exit out of the Event or swipe to the next Event. I hit this twice today on iOS (public release v2.13.21) for an Event that wasn’t completely uploaded to the server… got to the Event directly via iOS notification:

Looking forward to the full implementation of this functionality for Events and Playback. :+1:

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Bring it back, please. I never had it, but I sure could have used it recently when reviewing storm damage videos. One of my pet peeves about the app, all this time. If I really needed to dig down, it would have to out on a ladder, pull the SD card, download the video to my laptop, and then use the native video viewing app, to narrow down what I was looking for.
Or the other, equally ridiculous option. Open the app, and go into recent footage. Then painfully record the video time I needed to see, in real time, while filling up my phone’s limited storage, so I could then download that to the laptop.
Neither of these is the right approach, but with no FF, it’s all I have. I’ve been in the Beta group for 2 years. I was really hoping that by now we could have had more functionality.

The fast forward they are talking about was there only on the cloud event videos, I think they are still trying to figure a way to do fast forward in playback, at least so far I have not seen it in the playback


It worked great for me. Hope to see it back soon as well as fast forward for playback!