What command are sent and how?

I have tried IFTTT to turn on/off the camera when I leave/arrive and I am not satisfy with the result (with less that 50% successful so far). I almost tried life360 but when I saw that they force you to use always instead of While in use, even Lying they can’t get your position with other setting than '“Always”, I lost confidence in them.

I guess that IFTTT must send a command somewhere to my account/camera.
I would like to have that command and create my own Shortcut to send them automatically.
also other command like for notification, motion detection etc.

is it possible ?

Thank you

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What were you using for your applet for this? Do you have other IFTTT applets for Wyze stuff or was this your only one? If so, do they work?

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I think you are laboring under a misunderstanding. Any application that uses Geolocation to trigger actions (Geofencing) needs to have it set to Always to function correctly. Think about it, if you tried to set it to only when using you would need to have the app running all the time or it would not know where it is. Same with IFTTT. I have both set to always and unlike you I have a 100% success rate.



IFTTT was set to Always. It’s life360 that I did not set to always because even while having the app open with the setting to “While In use” , It report being unable to locate me, which is false.

I dont know why iFTTT does not give me a 100% success rate.
I tried many different one.

But I just retried those by Wyze and I can’t seem to be able to add my Camera.

it would also be nice to know which command are send and where. I might tried using a proxy one day to find that out.

I think you have something wrong with your setup. Life360 correctly locates both myself and my wife and my son. And we use it more than IFTTT for Geofencing. It turns my lights off when everyone has left, and sets the HVAC etc.

In other words I don’t think anything is “lying” to you I suspect something else is not correctly setup. I would take your phone to your carriers store and explain what you are trying to do and see if they can help. If not try Best Buy, not the geek squad just the phone sales folks. Usually they are very knowledgeable.

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we have three different conversations :slight_smile:
maybe I should split them up in 3 separate thread.

reading Apple developper documentation, “Always” mean that even if the app is not started, the system will start it to update the location and no blue location indicator will appear on the iPhone. “While in use”, mean if the App if started, I will get location, even in the background but the location blue icon will appear on the top of your screen to indicate that an app is using your location.

I have many app configure like that (ex. Runkeeper) and they have no problem getting my location while in the background with the “While in use” . But if you look at your location in Life360, if you look at your location, then go in privacy and select “while in use”, and return to life360, your location will be gone even if the App is in the foreground (not background :slight_smile: and they will say “Location Permission OFF”…

I could not get all Wyze Action working so I switch to other but I just retried the Wyze one and I cannot select my camera

and my firmware seems ok.

I’ve use other one and they are the one I did not get great success.

I still wish I new what commands are sent and where. :slight_smile:

From the Life360 Documentation:

“As a result, for Life360 to work properly, it is essential that every one in your Circleselect the “Always Allow” location permission. If you’d prefer not to share your location all the time, the best way to do so is by toggling location sharing directly on or off within the Life360 app itself. To reiterate, Life360 only works with location permissions set to “Always Allow”, otherwise location accuracy will be intermittent and broken.“

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We are Very far from my question.
but I have a lot’s of free time :slight_smile:

I have exactly 105 app listed in my privacy → Location setting. (life30 is removed) None are set to “Always”. they all work. I use Google Map and RunLeeper, on a daily basis, no problem, even in the background. I am currently building an app on iPhone for cycling. so far on my testing, “While in use” work great,

So I am sorry, but when they say that “Accuracy will be intermittent and broken” it is a lie…

The only reason for using “Always”, other than avoiding the indication that an app is using your location, is for the case when the app is not started, and me, it is my way of controlling who access my location. it is easy, I just quit the App. I dont want to go into the app, then change a setting to do that

p.s. Life360 sell our location data…

So, for all those reason, I want to find the command that IFTTT send to Wyze to do my own Shortcut that would be trigger by location from a source a trust :slight_smile:

IFTTT talks to Wyze via an API that Wyze publishes and IFTTT consumes. And the reverse is true. In essence an API is used to establish an interface that an external party can use to interact with. Generally these API’s are only accessible programmatically.

I would imagine the best way for you to proceed is to open a support ticket or call Wyze and/or IFTTT directly. Both have programs for 3rd party developers to interact with their services.

But, back to your original question… No, it is not possible.

The Wyze API is not available to individual users, so there is no way to “recreate” such a command. IFTTT does not even create the commands under the Wyze service, Wyze does. (As a side point, that is why there is a wishlist topic for Wyze to create additional commands.)

Unfortunately, IFTTT geofencing is not the best. I have never gotten consistent results.

But, since I own Tasker, I am able to this in other ways, like when my home wifi connects, send a webhook to IFTTT to turn off cameras and notifications, and when it disconnects, turn them on. However, if you’re running on an Apple, you’re out of luck there too.

with iOS Shortcut, I can trigger a script base on location or wifi (connect only, not disconnect for some reason unknown to me :slight_smile:

the web hook you talk about, is it from tasker to IFTTT ?

Check out the Webhooks service in IFTTT.

The actual app that sends the webhook to IFTTT is called “Join.” It is part of the Tasker family of apps.

By the way accusing someone of lying is not particularly nice when you are basing the accusation on a false assumption and to be honest, a poor understanding of the underlying technology. I have attempted to nicely and respectfully answer your question and address issues you brought up. Also what you claim as a lie by me was very clearly a quote I was publishing from a company not my own statement.

I obviously can’t assist you and for that I am truly sorry. I wish you well in your future endeavors and hope you can find your answers.

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I read in another thread to disconnect Wyze from IFTTT and reconnect it. I did that and No problem since then.

I guess I won’t need the command anymore.

Still would be nice to control all Wyze device with some sort of URL Scheme, but for now I am ok.

I am sorry if you felt that the lying part was directed at you. It was not my intention. English is not my native langage, maybe it has something to do with it.

I give you my excuse for that. I am really sorry.


Thank you for taking the time to explain. Always appreciated! Glad to hear your issues with IFTTT are resolved.

I’m probably stepping into some dodo by posting in this thread, but I guess it wouldn’t be the first time.

For anyone wanting to turn their cameras on and off based on their phone connection to their wifi, there is an easier way than using Tasker and WebHooks.

Buy an IFTTT compatible wifi router. I bought one for around $40.

The trigger is “when device connects” and the action is “turn off camera notifications”. The other trigger is “when device disconnects” and the action is “turn on camera notifications”. Just two applets and no long chain of events.

Out of curiosity how is that different than using the IFTTT service?

Dodos are extinct, so I bet your safe. Anyway, that’s interesting. I never knew a IFTTT compatible router existed. It would be easier than Tasker. I only offered it because I own it and am familiar with it.