What are your thoughts on outdoor weather sensors?

Hi Wyze friends,
My name is Jason and I am a Product Manager who recently joined the amazing #TeamWyze. And yes, Gwendolyn has been very nice to me… for now. :grin:

In addition to continuing to improve our product experience, we are also looking for opportunities to bring more value to our customers. We made a short survey to learn more about your interests and usage of outdoor weather sensors.The survey only takes about 3-4 min to complete, and it will help guide us to bring better products for you. Thank you for your time and feedback!


But you’re on thin ice! :eyes:

(Just kidding, Jason is awesome and I’m glad he’s joined the team! I fully expect him to bring great things. :slight_smile: )


Survey done





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Welcome @Jason-L!
I have completed the survey!

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Before you release anymore sensors please fix the bricked Sense contact sensors due to low battery . I have 4 now that are bricked … Or provide us with discounted new sensors .


Survey done and actually I need a new “weather station”. I use a 15+ yr old one. Sounds like a great project but that may because I’m an old farmer’s daughter!

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Same here. Currently using an old Ambient Weather WS-1001-WIFI and in the market for a new weather station. :+1:

My phone does weather. Quit wasting time on all this diversification. You’re becoming a jack of all trades - master of none. Fix what you have already put out.


Thank you for those who completed the survey and provided us with your valuable feedback. Please keep it coming.


I’m stoked to learn that WYZE is considering an outdoor weather monitoring product! Survey completed. I live in Minnesota and our weather has serious extremes throughout the year. I could use something like this to help me plan my daily outdoor adventures.

Love this idea can’t wait but how about we get the remote room sensors for our Wyze thermostats before moving onto another product.

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Survey completed. I’ve been wanting to get an outdoor weather sensor for some time now, but just haven’t pulled the trigger. I’ll hold off until Spring hoping for an update for Wyze on this. Biggest plus for me would be if it could integrate with Home Assistant so it could kick off automations.

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Survey done. Whatever gets made I just hope that it is accurate. Not sure what would make me buy and use something like this instead of current stand alone thermometer/weather stations already out there.

For me this looks like a solution in need of a problem. If you have the resources available for this type of development you would be better served by diverting those resources to making your existing products/software/firmware work as they should instead of throwing more bullets into the fire.


I’ve looked repeatedly for a lower-cost, fun, easy to use, yet accurate personal weather station (PWS) type of device. This gets close to the idea: Amazon.com . Hopefully, this is along the lines you are thinking.

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Survey done, but not sure if I’d actually get the product. I already have a couple of Lacrosse indoor/outdoor weather displays and at least a few Lacrosse temp/humidity sensors in my garage, crawlspace, and attic. I can monitor them through their app remotely. The one I monitor most is the crawlspace, to check that the pipes don’t freeze in winter, and that it doesn’t get too humid in summer.

P.S. - We need to be nicer to Gwendolyn. She took so much flak last year over the mask delivery issues, I felt bad for her.

No GMail account to sign in with. Anyways, if it’s a rain sensor I’d like to have Wyze app warn me of open windows and doors OR turn off the sprinklers. If it gets cold outside I can have the A/C turn off. Or turn it on if it’s above a certain temperature outside. If automated storm shutters is a thing a wind sensor can activate these if the gusts go over a preset MPH.

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Same for me. On top of automation, historical data would be nice to have.

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