What a disgusting app

Just created account to express disgust with Wyze app.
No landscape
No login over VPN
Occupies almost 500MB on ipados and still looks like crap, compare with Blink app 60MB
Inept support as if I talked to [Mod Edit]

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Currently rated 3.9 by users on Google Play. I believe it was around 3.5 back in 2019.

Having used it for almost five years, I’d say it has steadily improved, even as the product lineup and customer base have exploded.

What’s it rated on the Apple Store?


Well, nobody forced you to buy their products.
If you’re unhappy, help yourself and change ecosystem.

And here’s a free tip: spend some time in OEM forums and watch some Youtube videos before making your next choice.

yeah whatever, this was real user opinion not a paid review

terrible product why did i buy it

Which product(s) did you buy?

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