We're the Wyze AI team - ask us anything! - 10/28/21 (Reddit AMA Summary)

Here’s the latest Reddit AMA Summary

@Mavens - in case this helps you to answer people

Can we get the AI to only alert to moving vehicles not stationary ones?

Request: Notification for when the package is no longer detected (not just when a package arrives)

Will there be a time limit restriction with web view streaming or is it unlimited?

Why is web view live streaming only available to paying cam plus customers?

Will the Wyzecam Web View Beta be open to the public or will we have to sign up and hope to get selected like other Beta programs?

What differentiates Cam-Plus from Pro?

Does Cam Plus Pro integrate with Home Monitoring?

How much will cam plus pro cost? Will we be able to upgrade our current cam plus subscription?

Will Wyze Anything Recognition work similarly to Facial Recognition? In other words will we be storing examples of correct detections (and incorrect detections) similar to the facial recognition profile sections?

Will we ever be able to “teach” the AI in our camera? For example, a specific square-sized shadow in the same place every evening sets of the package detection I have on that Wyze cam v3. It would be really cool if we could teach the AI when something like that isn’t a package, or show it a package it missed, etc.

Would be nice to get notifications for person detection and not motion events from shadows of trees

The facial recognition triggers make Wyze really high-tech, like in movies that require people to show their face to a scanner to unlock vaults and stuff. Will Wyze be offering any new products with the facial recognition security options in mind besides the (Wyze Lock that’s already launched)?

Can security levels be customized? Eg, facial recognition sends message; facial recognition + voice recognition (w specific command, “unlock front door”) = command is implemented? Meaning I could approach my front door, be recognized, and my verbal command, “unlock front door” would be acknowledged. I suppose adding a verbal passcode could be a higher level.

When & how often are person and package models updated?

Will the videos I submit (for false positives and false negatives fo people, packages and pets) really be used for the AI model development?

I get many false positives for packages on my driveway (Wyze Cam v3), but I don’t know what is triggering it. Is there a way to diagnose this, like by showing a bounding box for the object triggering this?

Will I ever be able to adjust the detection thresholds (e.g., lower it for packages and increase it for people)?

Do you have any definitions or guidelines for the labels? For example, does a shadow of a moving tree count as lighting change (a shadow is a light) or tree waving (but it’s not actually the tree)? Do squirrels, racoons, mice, and owls count as pets? Does just a foot count as a person? Does it matter whether the package is carried or at rest? Does me carrying my groceries or garbage count as a package?

What improvements are coming for Face detection such as to recognize something is the same face regardless of time, sunglasses, masks, pose or occlusion, and will you make it easier to tag a lot at a time?

Will person notifications become faster?

Request: Cam Background Audio streaming (even when phone screen is off or on a different app) to use cams as a baby monitor

Once we submit tags, can we still delete the event?

It was said in the Live video that current Wyze cams need faces within 5 feet to recognize them reliably. In the future, do you have any plans to look into offering cameras with higher resolution (2K, etc) so faces can be detected farther away? Or will this strain your bandwidth too much? Can you do some processing locally in the future with better devices to help with this?

Have you considered breaking apart the app and creating separate apps like Wyze Security (for cams, etc) and Wyze Health (for scales and watches)?

When will you reconnect the Amazon show to your Wyze doorbell?

Please enable horizontal mode in the app

Are you still looking into adding Edge/Local Person detection solutions for future devices (with better memory/processors, etc) like some competitors offer? (I know you were once looking into this and had job postings to try to find someone who could help with his…is this still something you plan to do?)

Will there be a way to turn off vehicle or person or pet notifications only but in the app in the event section still have it marked as vehicle or person or pet and not have them marked as motion only? Because I get a lot of vehicle notifications and when I turn off vehicle detection I don’t get a notification for when vehicles are detected (which is good) but in the app in the events section all the videos with vehicles in them are marked as motion (not what I want) instead of vehicles. (ie: detect everything but only notify about things I select separately)

What about training the AI to detect sleep patterns? Some sleep apps will monitor movement (sleep as android even does this with sound and microphone detecting reflection of the sound, while others do it in other ways, a camera could measure person movements on a bed), or breathing rates or sounds or all sorts of things. We could use a button or contact sensor to turn the cam on only when we’re sleeping and want it to start measuring our sleep patterns (ie: turned off when we’re changing or being intimate or whatever else). This could be an interesting thing to train the AI to do with a Cam for those people who want to opt into it.


So streaming a Wyze cam from a web page is P2P, not mediated through AWS, correct? So “cost-free” to Wyze, other than the load to its servers for P2P negotiation/authentication?

(Tangentially, if I share a cam with twenty people, and all twenty people and I access the camera to stream simultaneously, the camera will attempt to serve twenty-one requests simultaneously via P2P? Is that correct?)


Apparently not. When streaming to the app it connects directly as described (not through AWS) and so it is mostly cost free for Wyze (besides the small authentication cost) when we stream cams, but Wyze is telling us here that this is NOT the case for the browser service… they are using some kind of new AWS technology which has a limit of how many streams can be active at once and DOES cost them by usage. So this is different than how it works through the app. I am very curious why they didn’t build it to connect P2P directly like the app.

Overall, in theory, yes… But in practical application it can only handle a few simultaneous requests. Someone tested the limit once, I think it varied between like 2-5 connections and then it would choke and end all the streams as I recall. The cams have a finite amount of RAM, processor, bandwidth capacity, etc. So technically if all 21 of you tried at the same time it would not actually try to serve you all, it would reject most, if not all of you… Basically suffering a DDoS attack to take it offline.

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I will be happy if the V3 cams detects vehicle like it used to, Since AUG 20-2021 after the APP updates my V3 cams are Detecting vehicles as motion and not an AI event, I have to turn motion tab on before i can play the vehicle detection video titled as Motion detected. and if i turn on the Motion tab then I see all the 100s of clips from my 7 cams to sort from, which defeats the purpose of having 3 CAM plus account, I have submitted Logs (279191 & 287299) clips, pix and tickets, also made several calls but no resolution yet