So this morning, I went on the Wyze app to check event videos. It was slow and suddenly a message appeared at the bottom that stated someone else was already using the account.

Today, light bulbs are going on and off, and someone is dimming and brightening them. I am the only one with the app, in my family, and I changed my password after the breach.

Any ideas?


Change your password again and enable 2FA on your account. If someone else has acquired/guessed/hacked your password then turning 2FA on will stop them.


Changed it twice today. 2FA has been enabled since day one.

Thanks for the reply. Have a great night!

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Well if 2FA is on and someone else is in your app then they have cloned your phone I guess. Your best bet is to call Wyze support. Their logs show every IP address that accesses your account. They can best assist you. But as this is a user to user forum you probably won’t get much more here than guesses. Call Wyze as they, and only they have the tools to really see what’s going on.

I am interested in the Wyze app showing a message that someone is already in the account. My wife is frequently in my account at the same time as me watching the same or different cameras and we never get such a message. Additionally my father is often on as a guest user (shared) and we never see such a message. Can you grab a screenshot next time you see it?


I’m confused … my wife and I access the App on our respective phones (sometimes simultaneously), using the same login, and we’ve never seen any sort of “someone else is using …” message


Hi @Bubba. I have actually seen that a couple of times on my Android phone. I think each time I was having trouble getting the app to open, so I backed out. When I tried to reconnect, I received the same message. I forced closed all of my apps each time that happened and it cleared it up. I suspect there was still a pending authentication request where the ack response hadn’t reached my phone yet, and then made the Wyze servers think I was already logged in. Just my theory.


I am guessing you are an Android user? I have never seen the issue myself. It could happen I suppose if there was a connectivity issue? Not sure exactly what the train of events would need to be.

I doubt that is the cause for his lights dimming and brightening but you never know. Could be I suppose.

Android for my phone. iPad for my tablet.

Thanks for your message.

Yes, Android for my phone, iPad for my tablet.

Do you also get, “cannot … bulb status,” messages, too? It comes up quickly and disappears just as fast.

Thank you for your message, I never thought of a possible authentication error.

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No, I’ve never seen those. However, my bulbs are off most of the time and used only occasionally when guests are around for me to show off turning them on with my Google Assistant. :wink:

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I fear we made the wrong decision a few weeks ago showing the neice and nephew how Alexa works, next time they are over that’s all they are going to want to do. Secretly disables Alexa sorry kids, she’s broke!


I change Alexa’s wake word when kids are around. Then I just say she’s sleeping or broken.


Same here, never got a message.

Did you take a screenshot with the message?