Can anyone give guidance on how to set up camera to download current weather pictures to Weatherunderground accounts?

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It’s complicated. I’m not very Linux-literate, but I flashed rtsp for the Wyze cam, installed Motioneye on a cheap Raspberry Pi and after more hours than I want to admit had it sending photos every few minutes to Weather Underground on my account there. After a month or two, it stopped working, and I haven’t figured out the solution. I know why it stopped: My router gave the rstp’d Wyze cam a new IP number. If I’d known how to Linux into a Motioneye config file, I might have simply changed the address. Instead, I created a new camera ID, and I still don’t have it working. I can work with most Motioneye settings from my laptop. I can display the image next to the Motioneye prefs. But I can’t get Motioneye to FTP the image up to Wunderground – or is it the other way 'round: I can’t get Wunderground to accept the image? I’m not sure if the Motioneye developer deals with newbie questions. I need to find out.