Wearable personal air filtration system

As an avid urban cyclist in Los Angeles, I notice my lungs burning whenever I ride during times of high pollution. It seems Wyze has the expertise to develop a personal wearable active air filtration system that a allow someone exercising outdoors to breath clean fresh air. It could incorporate advanced data collection to provide health data, environmental data and contribute to our understanding of the effects of pollution on our cities.

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Hello, I would to pitch a smart mask, with all the covid going and people are really scary to go without mask to the outside world and this is not going stop. A smart mask with N95 filters would help each and every one. This is not for viruses, this can also help in pollution so the people can stay safe.

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N95 filters will do no good unless the entire mask is designed for and certified as N95.


Also, it seems Wyze has gotten out of the mask business (?). They were selling KN95s for a while.

Most of the masks you see advertised, especially with filters, are garbage. Luckily with vaccinations ordinary surgicals are fine for containing spread from those still infected.

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W…T…F guys?

Way to chase people off the forums -* poof *-

Voted… one word Xupermask. It was like trying to get a pair of rare Jordan’s when these dropped and still sold out (for the most part) Wyze could throw some Wyze buds pro on these, sell for 100 dollars less and get in the game. Jay-Z can promote it like Will-I-Am. Like it or not, I feel like masks are gonna be around longer than we expect. Making a better, more stylish, cheaper, and longer lasting one with some tech would be very marketable in my opinion. But just my opinion.

Crazy I’m just seeing this wishlist item.

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Xupermask Is an interesting product though it doesn’t seem to be powerful enough to exercise with. The true innovation will be the ability to provide filtered air in bursts to synchronize with the pace of human breath, kind of how an eBike uses a cadence sensor to apply power in sync with pedaling.