We’re Giving Wyze Person Detection to All Users at Whatever Price You Want - 1/11/22

No, with Cam Plus Lite, you get 12 second videos in the cloud. You choose what you pay, including $0.


Your Legacy PD will be changed over automatically to Cam Plus Lite. If you discontinue Cam Plus on a cam it would then still have the Cam Plus Lite on it. Does that answer your question?


Named your price: will you add the option to pay annually instead of monthly only?


Sorry I meant what happens for new camera purchases after 2/15. Does future devices mean new purchases added to your account or new models such as an inevitable v4 cam?

I brought that up to the team

Future Devices applies to new models released


Ok so essentially cam plus lite is available to all future users of these current devices. I think my confusion was from the legacy PD option, which was (to my understanding) only available to current users at the time of when the local detection feature was removed.

Can you unsubscribe at any time?

You can unsubscribe or change your contribution at any time


i’m very confused… right now i have number of cam plus subscriptions and i have 20 cams with no subscription… i see the tab for “Cam plus lite (PD Legaxy)” page… but i can’t turn on any of them???


That is correct Cam Plus Lite will be available for new users with the current devices. Legacy PD had some similarities but was different in that aspect.

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Will this new offering give notifications?


This is the part of the FAQ that applies here.


I tought it was clear for me but after reading some comments:

I have one spare V2s brand new in the boxe. On Person legacy, I could add as many V2s and Pansv1 as I want.

As PD will be the new CamPlus lite, does this V2 is part of « future category » or will be added automatically to CamPlus lite?

My comprehension is yes.

So, if I’m reading the FAQ correctly, this has not been rolled out to legacy devices? I got messages indicating that I need to “sign up” before 2/15 but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that.

Also, I received a message about the app going away and a new version being made available. Will that update automatically on my phone or do I need to take some sort of action?

That spare v2 would be added to Cam Plus Lite when it is activated


What do you mean by legacy devices?

To sign up you can go here:
Opt in to Cam Plus Lite

How you update would depend on iOS or Android and whether you have it set up to autmatically update. The easiest would be to go into the Apple App Store or Google Play and see if there is an update available.

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I just opted in but Iam now seeing:

Cam Plus Lite

Legacy cloud video storage and Person Detection for all eligible cameras.

Earlier it was showing:

Cam Plus Lite

Eligible for ALL devices.

Curious what happened? Why did it suddently change from All cameras to Eligible cameras?

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Here is where the eligible devices are listed. There are some devices like the v1 that are excluded.


I have a Wyze Cam Pan. In my account there is an Option for Cam Plus Lite (legacy PD). Going to that shows my cam but the toggle to select isn’t active.

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Do you have any cams on Cam Plus, I would also verify your app is up to date