We need tv apps!

i think a good addition would be viewer apps for apple tv, fire tv and android tv. People could watch kids and such while doing other things. Or even monitor the driveway for people pulling in.

it doesnt even need to be the full app, i would be happy with just viewing live feeds on a tv screen.


In the meantime, for those who have an Apple TV … Screen Mirroring works nicely to project the Live stream from your iPhone/iPad to your television. I do this and it works pretty well. I assume those with Android and/or Fire TV devices can do likewise. My $.02 …

I was wondering if there would possibly be an addition to be able to watch the feed online…? But, in order to do that, would there be a fee? I have no idea how I would be able to set anything up I am basic no tech. I like the camera quite a bit. I gave up having it send me notices I have it run all the time and it goes off if movement, so I can then use the memory card to see what was going on. Which usually is my dog moving her head. Pretty cool camera. Ordered more.

A TV app is desperately needed for it to have any use as a baby monitor. It’s impractical to expect your phone to become the constant live feed. For that reason, screen mirroring - as someone else suggested - is not a good solution because it still uses your phone.

What’s really needed is a standalone Apple TV app that can run independently of your phone, so it frees up your phone as the monitor and puts it on your TV.

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You can always download bluestacks (its an android emulator for your PC) and install wyzecam app on that. Then mirror it to a TV. I know this is a bit more work than just a standalone TV app would bring, but if you need it in a pinch, it works, plus it frees up your phone.

I agree that currently, it’s marginally useful as a baby monitor because it ties up your phone, or iPad in my case. Speaking of iPad support … not only is app-wide landscape mode desperately needed, but Picture-in-Picture support (i.e. MLB At-Bat) would be VERY nice. Heck, at this point I’d settle for being able to close the app, move on to other tasks on my iPad, and still hear AUDIO from the camera (i.e. Pandora).

Any status update on an Android TV app?

I monitor my four cameras on my Firestick TV. I use tinyCam Pro, available for $3.99 from the Amazon App store. Directions for Wyze set up are elsewhere on these forums.

This is what IOS wyze cam owners need badly!
[‎HomeCam for HomeKit on the App Store](http://HomeCam for HomeKit)
We need to get our Wyze cam on the HomeCam approved list of 3rd party cameras to use this $5 app, but this comes back to the recurring request we all have for Wyze to get on HomeKit soon, not only would be boost your business model tremendously ($$$) but it would allow IOS owners to further integrate their camera setup with all their TV monitors without mirroring. Lets put it to a vote - who’s for HomeKit and Wyze marriage in 2019 - Say “I”

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I get the feeling that the folks at WYZE simply do not grasp the obvious economic ramifications of providing HomeKit support, and prefer the low-hanging fruits that are Alexa and Google support (despite those not driving sales as significantly as HomeKit would).

I totally agree with you, they are always doing things for android users but slow to push viable goodies to IOS users, An ATV app, AW complications, I think would serious increase their sales among apple users who are usually die-hard when it comes to keeping their apple eco-system fully compatible.

Exactly - in fact, HomeKit support will automatically give them an ATV app (as there’s an ATV app that shows HomeKit cameras - HomeCam), and I think HomeCam also has an WATCH complication/app.

Ultimately, it stands a risk of biting them in the buttocks - all it takes is for another low-cost camera maker to release HomeKit support, and there will be an exodus of Apple users away from Wyze, that probably won’t be coming back.

Yes, Android and Google are the low hanging fruit (and probably easier to support), but Apple users will spend more money, and are more loyal to a brand that supports them.

Do the math.

Heck, Wyze could set up a kickstarter campaign to collect funds to dedicate to providing HomeKit support to their devices, and we could then go vote with our wallets, and they would receive a better economic incentive.

Wyze would need to set up that Kickstarter. It can’t just be any of us.

Done with WYZE - since they are considering Homekit a low-priority, I am no longer interested in waiting for them to get a clue. Since Mi Home supports Homekit, I’ll be focusing on that or other products.