WCO v1 Does not allow HD Video any Longer after last IOS update

Not an earth shattering issue, but, It seems after the last IOS update(latest version) that my WCO v1 will no longer allow me to select HD for video. It always switches back to SD after trying to set it to HD or even Auto. This is my only cam that is using Cam Plus Lite, and both my other cameras are on cam Plus. (1 - v 3 and 1 - Pan Cam). It used to allow HD as I had set it and it stayed HD before the last IOS update was done. I think there was also a change to the firmware on the WCO v1 camera around the same time. Why can’t the setting be set to HD and it stays set? Any ideas?
IOS v 2.33.0 (17) WCO v On Cam Plus Lite.

When does it revert to SD, when closing the stream or right after selecting HD?

It is always reverting to SD right after you close the stream. Once you restart the stream, it’s now always at SD, when it used to stay HD, as I had set it. Additionally, when you set it to AUTO, it’ll also revert to SD once you close and reopen the stream.

I just tested my 4 version one WCO cams and if I set to HD they stay on HD, I don’t use Auto. Same iOS app, firmware and CP Lite.

Thx…makes me think I’ll need to be doing more extensive troubleshooting on this cam. ie…hard power off, delete & re-add device, or just start with a new install of this cam back to the account, Hopefully something will allow it to resolve this minor inconvenience. Thanks for your info. It makes me believe it’s definitely a glitch.

My one original WCO is doing the same thing. It will stay where I set it until I exit and return to the stream, then it shows 360.

Are the cams in a group?

I put all my WCO on HD 3 hours ago and they are still set at HD, I have opened and closed live view on all numerous times to see if I can replicate the issue.

I have this issue, reported it in the latest RC app release beta thread.

Only happens if the cams are grouped.

Yes, my WCO is in a group. Does it act normally when upside a group? (Update: Answered my own question…still does the same switch back to SD even when not in a group). I’ve cleared the cache, shut down and restarted the app…all no change. I think my next step will be to turn the power switch off on the camera and then power it back up and see if that resolves it….(Update…hard power off does not affect this issue). Behavior is still the same.

Since I’ve read that this firmware version, for the WCO is on hold for issues, I’ll wait to see what it does after they resolve, re-release, and or update this version or issue a new version.