Issue with video quality on Apple iPhone and ipad

After the latest update I noticed that my video playback setting will reset to 360p. When I select HD video and switch to one of my other cameras the video setting will automatically set itself back to 360p on both my iPhone and ipad.

I checked my cameras using my Android phone and the video setting stays at HD.

I have a total of 5 Wyze cameras and strong WiFi.

Both the Android and apple products share the same wifi with great signal.

I also noticed that Tiny Cam pro on my firestick stopped working.

I updated and power reset all of my cameras. And still the same issue on my apple products.

Anyone else having this issue?

There were several threads about this. One commonality was that the cameras were in groups, and removing them from the group seemed to prevent the issue (while of course raising another one). For me however this was happening on both Android and iOS.

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Yes, I have this issue on all of my Apple devices. But if I wait long enough, my preferred video quality setting does load. When you select a cam’s Live Stream on an Apple device, the stream is displayed with a SD default, then it switches to 360p and if you chose HD in your settings, it then switches to HD AFTER your settings are pulled from the cloud. I don’t know why, but under Android, my video quality setting appears to load instantly. Under iOS and iPadOS, it’s loading around 5-10 seconds for me… sometimes up to 20-30 seconds. It does load consistently for me given enough time.

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Two great answers!

As @Customer said, the problem seems much worse with grouped cameras, when changing from the low resolution needed for the four-up to the full screen full-resolution one-up.

And as @Seapup said, you sometimes have to be crazy patient with Apples on this - wait awhile, then wait some more before it finally decides to pop into your chosen resolution. Especially if viewing from a remote location or any part of your connection is the least bit slow or overloaded with traffic.

If this doesn’t solve it, there are a number of threads about Apples having remote connection (viewer on cellular only or different LAN) issues - upshot being Wyze is aware and working on it.

Firesticks and TinyCam aren’t always the happiest together - some threads on that also, depending on the specific issue.

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