Classic 360p error with no way to change to 360p

I have an older wyze cam all new firmware. I don’t know why I have this error , the cameras all started up even recorded a tiny bit in set up then shut down all at once citing a wifi connection issue and to switch to 360p. This is a huge problem as there are no tabs to click on 360p I see anywhere it is not anywhere the cameras are located on the app? Does anyone else know where to look to at least switch it to 360p ? This shouldn’t be happening as we have the latest glass fiber and live in a city in Ca. Please any help welcomed it is the weekend I need this set asap.

I do not have a V1 or a V2 cam, so I can’t be sure it is in the same place as the V3 UI. And, if it is having issues due to diminished WiFi signal, I’m not sure a change will even get to the cam. But, on the Live Stream for the V3, the video stream quality appears in the top left corner above where the Live Stream Video should appear. Tapping it brings up the change dialog to select a different quality.

Ah, but you can’t switch resolution until the camera connects, and sometimes the lower demands of lower resolution will let the camera connect. But you can’t change resolution unless it’s connected.
These cameras seem like old two stroke snowmobile engines in that if you can get them firing and sputtering long enough, they warm up and run.