WCO: Battery drain and Wake Up inconsistencies

With the recent Firmware update, my two WCOs have begun to wake up a little faster every now and then. The majority of times, they still take almost 5 seconds to start recording motion after initial detection. About 5% of the time the motion capture starts in a second or less.

As for battery drain, both cams are outside in winter temperatures.The old cam without a SD card drains 3% daily. The new one, with a SD card averages 5% drain daily. The first day the old cam was back outdoors it did drain 9%.

The old cam used to have the SD card and averaged 4% drain daily, until a few weeks ago when it was draining 100% daily. I turned it off and recharged it.

I kept the old WCO indoors for a week, pointing thru a window, it averaged 1% a day drain. It had only drained 1% total over 3 days when just left on pointing at a wall.