New WCO Firmware causing excessive WCO battery drain?

I was already suffering battery drain issues along with almost no motion clips from my WCO. I allowed the new Base Station Firmware to load. My WCO battery dropped 10% in a few hours. And despite vehicle traffic, no motion clips are being generated.

I had that issue when the beta was released, both my WCOs dropped 70% overnight.

I turned them off charged them over night and the battery seems to be back to normal. I assume it was just the physical power cycle that corrected the issue.

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I also reported the camera makes a static noise that is constantly repeating. It has actually gotten louder. Support is working on a replacement under warranty.

Support did provide an older Firmware version. The battery drain went from 4% to 2.5% daily. With the new motion clip issue, I figured why not load the new Firmware. Motion capture is more important than 4% drain daily.

Hopefully someone approves the replacement, very soon, and they show some sense of urgency in shipping it.

I was considering adding a V3, putting things in place to power it.

If the devices can not remain connected, price no longer is a selling point.

My Ring (battery) stays connected. My other brand smart bulbs stay connected. My wireless alarm system stays connected. My wireless printer stays connected…


I turned the WCO off and fully recharged it via the base station.

24 hours later the device is at 30% charge. Hasn’t generated a clip since early this morning.

A replacement is in the mail, scheduled to be here tomorrow.

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Glad you have a replacement coming, that is massive power drain.

My knowledge of 18650 batteries are primarily with Vaping devices, and I know they can take a charge and discharge very well in excess. I am actually surprised how long the WCO batteries last on a full charge.

I also have heard the static sound when first turning on sound but it is at turn sound on only, nothing persistent.

@R.Good thanks for the response.

My WCO was lasting about 60 days out of the box. As winter closed in, I began to notice higher batter consumption. There was never a noise issue, nice and quiet. Several months ago I was surprised as the battery was low after about 30 days. A few weeks ago, Support asked me to load an older Firmware version, which I did. The first few days it was about 2.5% a day, then got to 3%. When they approved the replacement, I went and allowed all the latest Firmware to update. That killed things.

The noise is a more recent thing, along with very little motion events being saved. The few that get saved or only if the motion lasts for more than 4 or 5 seconds: which means if I see anything, it is a bumper or someone walking by. Today it did not even record vehicles that pulled up and parked out front: UPS, USPS, Amazon, a few large vehicles that drove by so I heard them.

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