WCO, App turned off several settings after cam recharged

I turned my WCO off to fully charge the battery.

After turning it on I was not seeing any clips.

I found that under Event Recording both Detects Motion and Back up to Base Station were toggled off. I also found that Set image sensitivity had changed from 100 to 50.

Android Samsung S20 Utra

Wyze App Beta 2.12.29

WCO Base Station

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Would you mind submitting a log for our engineers to examine for that WCO? If you try turning the WCO off and charging again, can you reproduce the same settings issues?

Log Id: 35133

Before I recharge I will take a screen shot of the settings.

Yes, I followed directions and turned the cam off before recharging it.

OK, so I did everything by the book. Removed the WCO and turned it off. Recharged it via the Base and the provided cable. No settings were affected. Now to see how the battery life versus using my power bank so I do not have to remove the camera.

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