Watch 47 Phone call Bug

Potential Wyze Watch 47 Issue / Bug.

Today, I received a phone call (Phone ringing) while I was on another phone call. The watch showed the incoming phone call and kept vibrating. I decided not to answer and hit the Red Don’t answer button on the phone. Well, it actually hung up my existing call rather than silencing my incoming call.

This should be corrected, or at least provide an ignore option.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Did you mean the watch?

I agree, the watch definitely should definitely not hang up on a call. If the don’t answer button has to say, it should just decline the incoming call.
You should add the ignore option to the #wishlist.

Also, please submit a log if you haven’t already.

Yes. On the watch. Sorry.

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I remember reading that someone said to try to hit the actual button. I decided to do that and it did not hangup the call - seemed to work. Still believe there should be an ignore option. I will verify one more time as well.


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