Watch 44 firmware 0.3.91 disappeared/recalled?

My Watch 44 said it had a firmware update to v2.0.3.91, which Wyze website said was released 6/23. I saw that it was available, but I was away from home and wanted to install it at home under Wi-Fi. When I got home, the app told me that v0.3.90 was current, and there was no sign of a firmware update to 0.3.91. The firmware required app v.2.21+; I have v2.21.35. Was the firmware recalled?

Same experience for me. Also replied to similar thread. Any info/timelines from our benevolent overlords would be great!

I’ve been having the same problem. I don’t know what’s going on with the firmware update. I’ve been checking everyday and am told the 3.90 version is current. Haven’t heard anything from Wyze about it. All I know is I’m about ready to abandon the 44. It’s had continuous issues and doesn’t offer half of what the 47 does. Had I know this from the beginning, I would have ordered the 47 rather than the 44.

Really? I bought the 44 because I feared that the 47 would look too clunky on my wrist. I looked to see what the differences were, and couldn’t find them listed. What more does the 47 offer?

Overall, it’s a completely different product than the 47. The two watches don’t share any of the user interface elements.

  • You can’t see details for sleep or step count on the 44, only through the phone app. On the 47, it’s visible on the watch.
  • Watch faces are different, fewer options than for the 47.
  • Can’t see step count on watch face.
  • Hit and miss for activating raise to wrist, and reports of unreliable sleep tracker.
  • Weather only seems to update when you sync the watch to your phone app.
  • Battery terminals seem to be corroding.
  • And, there seems to be problems updating to the new firmware version.

There are a number of threads on the forum that discuss issues with the 44 in more detail.

This is troubling. I don’t understand why they can’t address this issue with a response.
There have been hardware issues with the 44 as well (see other posts in the forum) that they wonderfully and quickly rectified for me. But being silent about a seemingly simple question makes it seem like they are avoiding addressing more serious problems. The watch I had to return was running the beta version of 0.3.91, but not sure how that would have caused corrosion issues to the hardware. Now with my replacement, the beta is not available, and the newly advertised general release firmware (6.23) has been seemingly pulled without explanation. I’d be thrilled to be wrong, but the silence breeds speculation at this point.

I too like the size of the 44. The 47 is too big for me personally. And I’m a larger guy. I just don’t need a smartphone attached to my wrist. :wink:
So I really wish the 44 was up to snuff as far as features, interface etc. The new firmware improvements had me hopeful.

Last night I wore my husband’s 47 watch for a while to see how it would feel on my wrist. I was okay with the larger size. I appreciated seeing a much better user interface than that of the 44 and having more functionality. So I decided to abandon my 44 and ordered the 47. I’ll put the 44 back in the box and keep it as a spare. What a disappointment.