Watch 44 Disappeared from Mobile App

First time odd occurrence: yesterday around noon, I looked at my watch for the time, and a QSR code was on the watch’s display. The watch was totally unresponsive, stuck on that code. I jumped on the app to push a restart and the watch was NOT on my list of Wyze devices. I restarted my phone just in case and the watch was still MIA. Forgetting the initial set up of the watch, I gambled on trying to re-add it back to the device list. That worked and it was fine for the rest of the day.

So, what happened? Why did it disappear? Firmware didn’t change and I don’t think the app updated from what I can tell. Such a very strange occurrence.

That’s strange, if the watch was bumped it it caused it to reset I would think it would still appear in the app.

It’s most likely a really weird bug, but it might be worth changing your password and making sure you have 2fa enabled.

Let us know if it happens again, I will keep my eye out for similar occurrences.

This has happened multiple times to us. Watch displays the QR code and has disappeared from the wyze app. Only way to get it back is to add it back in the wyze app using the QR code and reset it up.