Watch 44 black face white numbers

On wyze order page its shows up with the black display and white numbers,it even had a red second needle! Anyway to add this or is just a bite to fool us?

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I’m wondering the same thing! I don’t see it anywhere, on the watch or in the Wyze app. There are several others on the product page that aren’t available either, but the one in your screenshot is the one I want as well.

I just got my watch 44 today and i have that as a watch face…

Elmhurst Fun on Twitter: “Wyze watch 44 has shown up @WyzeCam” / Twitter

What the heck!! How can be that some have it and some dont,did it shows up on the wyze app?

Well some how the app pop up with a bunch of pointers faces and flowers faces that wasnt yesterday.problem solved

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Welcome @DougB and @nmdnhm!
Both watches have a good sized selection of watch faces in the Wyze app.
The 44 and 47 each have some different and some same faces.
This might be because of the screen size of each watch and the size of the watch face. I’m not sure if there’s plans to have all watch faces on both watches.