Warning! Phony emails

I’ve received a couple of emails regarding my purchase of the new Wyze lock. I looked at the full sender address and saw this: noreply-WyzeLabs@bazaarvoice-cgc.com. To me this just reeks of a phishing email. So unless someone can verify that these are actually from Wyze, I’d recommend you get your security beefed up immediately and not click on links in these emails.

I too just received one of these, SURVEY, emails too, and it says…

“Hi Unknown, Unknown”

If THAT isn’t a tip off that it’s a scam letter…
I KNOW that Wyze has my name on file. It’s in the order status.

AND… especially since my order for the lock still shows as… PACKING. NOT Shipped.
Why would Wyze send a survey out when the product hasn’t even shipped yet?

That’s not a phishing email. It’s related to the reviews that appear on their product pages. Having said that, if you click through to a webpage from any email, you should never enter your account info unless the page is on “wyze.com” or “wyzecam.com”. If it says something else, do not enter any account info.

Regarding “Unknown Unknown,” that’s the default if you never put your name into your Wyze account. Mine was “Unknown Unknown” for a while, too. Just because your name is on the address doesn’t mean it’s on the account. If you go here, I assume you’ll see “Unknown Unknown” under “Contact Information.”


As for why it’s sending a survey before the product gets shipped, I think it automatically gets sent about 3 weeks after you’ve ordered. Looking at my email history, I got another one a week later, too. In 99% of cases, that’s plenty of time for the order to have been received, but obviously with early access products that aren’t yet ready to ship, that’s a different story.


That all sounds great, but WHY would Wyze send me a Survey about the Lock… when they haven’t even shipped them YET?

And, yes, I ALWAYS check the email address as well as it’s ROUTING.

Thanks for your insight as to WHAT is a phishing scam.
I was in Cyber Security for over 35 years with Honeywell Security, I’ve got a pretty good idea of what NOT to reply to and what NOT to put my email or password into.
BUT, just seemed so conincedental…
since Wyze… JUST GOT HACKED… and EMAILS were released…
I don’t trust ANYTHING right now.

Have a good New Year.

I understand. It’s always good to be suspicious. I’m just telling you that it’s a legitimate email in this case. It’s from the third party service that handles the reviews on the product pages. The “early access” orders are edge cases, but obviously, the logic for when the email gets sent isn’t as smart as it should be.


i think those emails were probably pre-scheduled to send before the shipping delay.


This was already discussed with Wyze Gwendolyn several weeks ago. When the early access locks were supposed to ship I got an email about a week later asking me what I thought of the lock. She responded saying there is a timed email that they have set up and it was a mistake for it to be sent out since they held onto the locks. And I’m sure the same thing happened again with the breach locks were supposed to be sent out and then the email but the locks were held as they handled the breach