Fishing email need help…is this a hack email… ive been getting them for awhile and just noticed it

Report it and block it.
Report the phishing email to the Anti-Phishing Working Group

How to do that kind of depends on what email service you are using, but most of them have some way of reporting it.

Also, especially if you’re being targeted with phishing, Don’t Click on the links from your emails and enter account information. Just go to your websites the way you normally do and search for their specials or whatever.

Same thing goes for phones. If somebody calls you, never give them payment information, bank information, or anything, even if The caller ID says it’s somebody you know and they’re talking in their voice. It’s pretty easy nowadays to spoof caller ID basically for free, and synthesize any voice with just a 3 second voice audio from social media. Always call back yourself before giving any personal or financial information to someone who called you.

Since you just noticed it, maybe go change your password and setup 2FA if you haven’t already.

You can also send an email to to have them review your account for suspicious activity.

That’s basically all you can do with such things right now… Block and avoid.


I have an iPad for sale on Craigslist. Someone sent me an email stating my photos of the iPad are being used at a scam site. Not much I can do about it.