Spoof Email From Wyze

Anyone else receiving Emails that appear to be legit emails from Wyze? I received one this morning and will forward it to Wyze, if they’re even interested.


Could you post a copy of that email here so that we can tell you if we know if it’s legit?


I haven’t been receiving any fake Wyze emails. I don’t know of any people trying to use Wyze’s name other then Wyze themselves.


Hello Loki, if there is no attachment here, let me know how to send you a copy of my email.


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The pdf of the email uploaded and I am able to see it.

I’m going to guess this is a phishing attempt. The links in the email do not go to Wyze sites. I would think a legit email like this would link to the forum. I do not know of any notifications about forum questions that go out without the user subscribing to the forum topic.

Did you actually order the Wyze Plug? If not, that would be a dead giveaway.

I will pass this up the chain for review and to find out if there’s an email address to which to forward phishing attempts.


Looks phishy to me, considering the only mandatory field is your email address. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, I actually ordered a pair of Wyze Plugs directly from Wyze October 3rd of 2019. Thank you again for looking into this as I wouldn’t want anyone else to actually fall for it.


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I’m going to go against the tide here and surmise this is totally legitimate and that the Wyze Store has begun doing this for products ordered online. I’m not checking the URLs but it’s likely they are wrapped with the mass mailing service’s servers (normal for campaign tracking).

The next step would be viewing the hidden e-mail headers, but this seems legit to me so far.

Also, inspect the email. People will set their name to “store@wyze.com” to try to trick you!

It looks like the non-Wyze links go to bazaarvoice.com. Doesn’t Wyze use bazaarvoice.com as its post-sales ratings and reviews service platform?

The email (with is always used) is:
no-reply@hello.wyze.com or no-reply@.wyze.com

Good question. This prompted me to go look through the product listing on the Wyze site. Turns out that this exact question from “Jane Doe” does show up there. So I’m thinking you are right and that this is a legit email with two problematic issues:

  1. It is poor form to expose the underlying ratings engine in customer facing emails, and

  2. The “questions” and “answers” links on the product pages don’t go anywhere. To find this question, I had to search for some text contained within.

I will bring these issues to Wyze’s attention.


If this really is from WYZE it makes no less worrisome.
Correspondace from WYZE should not look more like a phishing attempt than a legitimate email. I don’t know if WYZE will ever learn. :slightly_smiling_face:

Loki flagged me about this and I’m sending it over to the team now. Sorry for the concern and confusion!


To close the loop on this: yes, this was confirmed to be a legitimate email from Wyze. As indicated by @WyzeGwendolyn, Wyze will be looking into improving the experience so that the third party service is not exposed in these emails,


Thank you for the follow-up! :+1: