Virtual Window / daylight imitation window

Having office in basement without windows and worked there for 3+ years. I am getting desperate of some light from WINDOWS. Just the sensation of daylight.
It would be awesome if Wyze would create a product similar to this:
Ikea could have made simple money by selling them. But if Wyze created this
And by using Wyze LED technology to simulate daylight so people could get a sense of Normal light from a “Window”, would be awesome!
I have tried to make one, Not really a sucess. And I bet there are MANY out there who have tried, or trying or just need a window with some light. It would possible be a huge hit. I know I would possible buy 3 or 4 ASAP. :smiley: :smiley:

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Knew I’d seen this before. Ideas and discussion at

Could you clarify some?

You’re not asking for a virtual window, you’re asking for a light with the footprint and design elements of a window? A light panel that has some window hardware? Or something else?

If it’s just a wall-mounted light panel that can have window panel elements and molding then that’s very different than what I would imagine when I think of a virtual window – a camera pointing outside and a screen displaying the camera view.

Just want to get that clarification.


All suggestions and ideas are great ideas. For something I was thinking of, is as you described as a simple light panel using the Wyze led technology to simulate day light. I think that would be the cheapest way to Illuminate a dark space without breaking the bank. Of course it would be fantastic to have a simulated windows by using monitors, flat tv panels etc with Wyze cam v3 as the source of video stream to the panel. This would of course be More expensive solution.
So what I had in mind, is simple LED panels form and shaped like windows (or just panels and you can frame windows using trims as desired) that imitates daylight. Following the current light by day and time.


One of my many projects now that I am retired is to do this very thing.

We found this at Hobby Lobby :

The white windows are part of the frame.

I wanted to backlight it at the top to accentuate the sunrise. Still thinking about what to use. 3 feet of LED light strip didn’t work. Each individual LED made a dot.

Next is a diffused LED light strip. Other projects have pushed this back.

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Pretty obvious choice of parts would be the LED (or fluorescent) backlight from any number of broken TVs, 40" or higher.

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And to think of all the broken laptop screens I tossed with working backlights.

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Finished product

It is not that bright. The camera on my phone makes it look even brighter.

This is a COB strip about .5m long attached to the top of the frame. The individual LEDs are very small and close together so it looks like one solid light. It is powered by 3 18650 batteries so it should last a month or more.

Not my hands. I copied the video from AliExpress


That looks awesome, impressive and really looks inviting

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Hey, looks great! You can simulate a changing sunrise effect.

But why batteries though?

No power available without drilling holes.

Three Molicel 24500 mAh 18650 batteries only last about 2 days. That is not good. Back to the hole idea.

If the specs on AliExpress are correct, this draws 6 watts.

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