Viewing RTSP Stream on PC, better than VLC

I was using VLC to view RTSP streams from wyzecams and it wasn’t a good experience (often froze and wouldn’t recover) so I searched for something else to do the trick. Found it. You can use free software OBS and it does a way better job (at least for me):

With OBS you can even view multiple cameras in one window. To view a wyzecam with RTSP enabled just hit the plus button in the “Sources” dock, choose “Media Source”, name it, hit OK, and in the new window uncheck “Local File”, and then just type in your RTSP address in the “Input” input and hit OK. You can now resize the video window, move around at will, and add other cameras at will.

You can even record and/or stream the camera outputs easily.

Have fun.


Very helpful, thank you.

I had been struggling with VLC for a month on my office macbook. It worked ok for opening the streams but the streams never failed to timeout - or the app crashed… Opening a stream or switching streams in VLC was a slow process, usually about 10+ seconds to open or switch.

OBS is just working. It allows you to creates ‘scenes’ for different views of the cams. I have one scene with all cams and then a couple others with just one or two cams. Clicking between the scenes is quick, about 2 or 3 seconds.

I had used OBS previously but hadn’t considered it for this use.


Thanks for the OBS tip! Took me about 60 seconds following your instructions to get four streams up and running as a multi-view window. I was a fairly content VLC user too but OBS seems to have a bit cleaner resolution and far more management options. Also, I could never get multiple cams to open on VLC which was probably due to my lack of knowledge about the software. It was a breeze with OBS though.