Viewing on iMac

Is there any way to view my cameras (V2, V3, Spotlight) on my iMac or Mac Book Pro? The app on the iPhone is fine for when I am out of the house, but when I am home it would be nice to view them on the “big screen”.

If you have a newer M1 or M2 processor, just load the iOS app. Otherwise for your cameras with Cam Plus subscriptions, all computers can use Wyze Web View at Live stream - Wyze

Warning: Wyze Web View is Beta software, and it also looks like an external user to your cameras. In other words, instead of keeping all your traffic on your local network, it will generate a lot of data consumption. So limit it’s use if data is limited (and limit all your camera viewing when on a cellular network).

I am a Mac user, but I personally use a cheap Android tablet for my all-day in-house “big screen” monitor (10" Amazon Fire tablets can be found for $100 on sale using camelcamelcamel). You will need to learn how to “side load” if you don’t use a pure Android tablet, tho. The Fire series are not pure Android tablets.