Viewing multiple cameras at one time?

Hello. Just got my outdoor can with base station. So far I love it.

Have it in travel mode and it works great away from home.

Question: if I buy additional out door cameras can I view them in real time at the same time?

I assume they will all show up in my camera list but not sure I can watch them simultaneously.

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The Outdoor Cam may be different, but with the other cameras, you can put them into groups and view multiple cameras at the same time.


you can group Outdoor Camera’s with the other camera’s. Here is an image of one of my groups. I have 2 outdoor cam’s and a V2 in this one.

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As has been already said, create a group. Any cameras in the group will be displayed when you open the group. WCOs will show a play :arrow_forward: icon, they do not automatically play. My V2 automatically plays.

Remember, live viewing sucks battery so depending on the amount of live viewing done in the WCO, the battery will need more frequent charges.

All good info, thanks. I’m thinking of getting 3 more and making a plus with a center support. One camera at each leg, so to speak.

Put that on top of my van when I camp in the wild. Or on the table by my tent.

I can charge them daily :slight_smile:

I need made the group in the app…Now my camera needs some friends.

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Well…I might be out of luck with travel mode. It requires me to connect to the camera’s WiFi and each camera in travel mode has it’s own WiFi channel. Can’t watch them together in a group.

Would have to disconnect from one and start the other.


you may be able to do something like this: LifeHackster. I subscribe to this channel as he has some interesting takes on things. the link provides a method of potentially doing what you are looking for, but will require for you to purchase 1 more item.

there are other videos like this: LifeHackster - Earlier Post

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Have you tried doing travel mode from the base station, not just the wco itself? I haven’t myself, but that may help you connect to multiple at once. Scroll to the bottom half of this page:

Hmm…that sounds like it might work but then I need to take the base station with me camping and it will want 120 volts.

Inverters are cheap. Just don’t let it run too long without the motor running. A little math will give you an idea how long is safe. I suppose you could also just feed it 12 volts DC straight with a little cabling work and optionally a second battery pack. Here’s what the site shows as the power input.

I have a pure-sine inverter in my van but I’m thinking about when I backpack and tent camp.

I’ll give travel mode from the base station a try tomorrow.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile: