- Why is microphone needed?

From a security perspective, opening mic access to browser tab seems like unnecessary risk to the customer/user (and to be honest, if Wyse is collecting any recording, this extends risk to Wyse). If I were to use mic, then (and only then) I should have to enable it. 99.99% of the time, I only watch video.

…yes, I know it is beta.

While I know the idea is to sell more Cam+, it seems a little odd that you have to have it in order to watch via web, when you don’t need it to watch via MOBILE_app.

BTW – LOVE the fact that you can access cameras via web.

Probably so you can speak through the cameras for two way communication like in the app?

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yes, I believe that is a feature. but, I never use it. unnecessary risk, in my opinion.

I have not used this but depending on your browser you may be prompted separately for audio and video permission when using WebRTC. Even in Chrome, you can tweak it after the fact to deny mic access to a particular site. I think.


Once I disable mic, the cameras are no longer visible.

Even if you do it AFTER first establishing a successful connection to the camera? That is, by going to Privacy and security, Site settings, Microphone?

Really it’s a shame you have to turn anything on just to view.

Yes. I temporarily make mic available to the site/tab, and videos work. Going back and disabling mic access to site/tab, then no videos play.

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