View/reset bridge from sensor settings screen

I use four bridges, redundancy and due to weak signals, four work well. But when a sensor goes off line, it would be nice to see which bridge / camera it is connected to. I think I am near fourty, sensors, motion sensors so yes it is a pain.
It would make resetting a lot easier.
In fact it would be great from the sensor page in the app to reset the bridge / camera. I am going to anyway. I need to get the sensor working.

So yes two things,

  1. From the sensor page see what bridge / camera it is connected to
  2. Be able to reset the bridge from the sensor page in the app.

Can you make a notation on each sensor title that says what bridge you connect it to? Say the front door contact sensor is connected to the kitchen bridge, which let’s call #1. So new title of sensor is “Front Door (1)” or something.

It’s not on the sensor display page, but you can make a home page shortcut to reset that bridge.

You can also make the short cut restart all the cameras with bridges if you want at same time.


I have a number of cameras, all of which have a bridge. I also have many devices that are assigned to those bridges. But if I decide to relocate a camera I need to know what devices are assigned to that cameras bridge, as there may be a bridge that is now closer and will have a stronger signal. It would be a desire to be able to either access a device and have it show what bridge camera it is assigned, or to access a camera and have it show what devices are assigned to it.

Welcome to the Forum Community, @jckings! The second part of your wish, as I understand it, is available.

Home Screen/ Settings/ Extended Device/ Wyze Sensor Bridge will show you what devices are connected to the bridge in that cam.

I also agree with your first request - would be a nice feature.

Appreciate the quick response, but I am not finding those menu combinations on my app. I think I’ve gone through most all of the menu options and do not find an “extended devices” on any of them. On my Home Screen I don’t have a settings menu available. What am I missing here? I am on TestFlight Wyze version 2.14.11.

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My mistake. It helps to have a better”Map”. (AAA I’m obviously not!)

Home Screen/Select Cam(Pick Group First if Cams are Grouped)/Settings(Gear Icon)/ Extended Devices(scroll to bottom of screen)/Wyze Sensor Bridge.
Hope that gets you there!

Ok. Got it. Was not aware of the additional two menu options on that setting screen that needed to be scrolled to. Thanks for the help. That works.
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Great Sorry about the goof.
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Appreciate the suggestion.