View pictures on PC?

I cannot get the camera connected with Bluestacks, I can not use the camera but the details of the device are there so it seems like it must have connected sometime.

Still cannot put images or videos on the SD card but I can share them with google photos so I can get them on my PC.


That’s correct. As Tony tried to explain, it doesn’t work that way. The SD card only gets continuous, motion detection, or time lapse recordings. Not real time still photos or ad hoc videos.

What is your end goal with adding the pictures to the sd card? Are you just trying to move them to the pc?

Saving pictures (via the “take photo” button in live view and playback) to the sd card while it is in the camera is not a function and not possible (disclaimer: as of the writing of this post, I have zero knowledge of this even in development or on the radar for future)

I want to record a video, I thought saying a picture would simplify things.
I can get the video onto Google Photos with Share and can download from there.

I just do not know what is the capacity of the device if I do not use the SD card.



The capacity of the camera if you do not use an SD card is zero. As @Omgitstony explained, photos and videos recorded through the screen go straight to the storage on your phone. Motion events are recorded to Wyze “cloud” servers. The Wyze cameras have no permanent storage of their own.

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Thanks again for the replies.
I finally got some images on a 4 GB SD card, they are in a folder “photos” in a subfolder “20210223”.

There seems there is something about the 32 GB SD card.

What’s with the green boxes? I see them on the camera and they come on the photos also.

Is there a setting to get rid of them?


What green boxes? You mean these pictured below. You could make it easy on yourself and just download your events to your device from the events page and quit playing around with the SD card. I still fail to see what you are try to accomplish???///

The green boxes are Motion Tagging.
You can turn it on/off for each camera. Open the camera and tap … then tap Motion Tagging. Green is on, black is off.


This Green box.

I am trying to use the Camera as a camera, why is that so hard to understand?


You’re doing it the hard way. It’s easier to save to your phone and transfer it to your computer.

It is working on the 4 GB SD, take a picture pull the SD and install on PC and open folders, there it is.

Could not be much simpler, actually Sharing to Google Photos works great also.

I have not seen how to save to the phone, of course I do not know much about the phone
so that would be another learning trip.

Thanks for the replies.


Green box: Open the camera you are using on the app. On the bottom tap on more. You will the see motion tagging, turn that off if it is green


ThankAntonious, I changed the setting.

Now this is strange. I formatted the 32 GB SD card using the camera and it is still only showing 1.74 GB.

I will see what windows it is.


How is that possible? As we described above, it doesn’t work that way. Pictures taken that way are saved to phone storage, not camera SD card.

This is what the information on a 32 GB card looks like. How are you taking pictures from you cam, from live view? What kind of phone do you have an Apple iPhone or another type of Android phone.

I asked before but you didn’t answer.
Was it a cheap card? What is the brand name?

Sorry Angus did not see your inquiry. The 32 GB SD by ACTIVEON (never heard of them but I see them on Amazon they make cameras.)

Sorry Antonius, not sure what “from live view?” is/means. My phone is a … damm I don’t remember, it is a android phone oh wait
it is made by the company that owns Motorola now.

Sorry Customer it does/did work that way. I will try again to confirm.

Wish I could take screenshots then I could show you what I am doing, my phone can take screenshots. I just cannot get my fingers and thumb to push the volume and on/off button at the same time.


I just wanted to know if you were taking still pictures and or recording video with the camera in live streaming which I believe you are. The phone would be a Lenovo, they purchased Motorola Mobility but it still says Motorola Phones by Lenovo. I can’t help with the phone, I have an iPhone and have never used an Android phone.

Are you putting the sd card in your phone? Or the Wyze cam?

I could never use the buttons correctly on my iPhone to get a quick screen shot either. But in the settings it has a “tap Back Touch” setting. Just tap the back of the phone 2 or 3 times and you get a screen shot. I set mine at 3 because at 2, I got shots of things I didn’t want. I don’t know if you phone has that capability.