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This is a must have. I have been using Bluestacks with TinyCam to make this work because you can’t use Bluestacks and Wyze app as it goes to portrait mode. And even when you force it into landscape, it keeps all videos in stacked scroll. On my iphone, my 4 cams all fit in single screen with 4 PIPs. But for some reason wyze on bluestacks, I can’t get that same view. And then TinyCam seems to degrade quality (I know you can set to MAIN as solution but it still does not look as crisp and runs at 5fps or something). Needless to say all of this is just painful workarounds. If TinyCam can make this work, why can’t you open up a 3rd party dev to make a dedicated windows/mac app? I would pay a few dollars for this. Just a cam viewer with ability to jog back in time (form SD). Probably not saying anything that has not been said :frowning:


Your Wyze cams are great, but are missing one HUGELY IMPORTANT feature that other cameras have. That is the ability to watch live streams through a Personal Computer. This should be a primary priority for you.


With over 3500 votes I don’t know why it’s still under researching and not in development! This is something that Wyze should definitely have.


That’s an easy one.


Hopefully they decide it’s a good marketing move.

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I would definitely pay a few bucks for this ability also. It would be amazing to be able to log in to a browser while on my work pc or whatnot to view my cams and NOT have to use the annoying wyze app


Maybe it is under development, they are just not letting us know and then will spring the surprise on us as they did with the wireless weatherproof cameras, which I have already ordered mine. Awaiting them to put through the paces and then get some more. The limit of 4 units per hub is the barrier which means my current 10 camera system will need 3 hubs if I have to replace them all. Maybe I’ll do a hybrid network, wonder if they will work that way?


One thing that has become clear to me is that the Wishlist & number of up-votes bear only a coincidental connection to what Wyze actually releases.

As of this morning, the Smart Sprinkler has 108 up-votes vs 3697 up-votes for the #1 Wishlish item - a web browser interface.

The sprinkler system is now “in-development” and Wyze is actively collecting applications for hardware testers.

After a year and a half, the web browser interface is still “researching”

The new wireless WCO and current V2/Pan have entirely different strengths and use cases. So I think you would be going backwards if you swapped out everything you already had working in place.

Afer carefully watching many of their website & YouTube videos, it is clear that Wyze explicitly views itself as a smart home company, and NOT a camera or security company.

The cameras are only one small component to the Wyze corporate vision. The cams work “good enough” right now, so paying programmers good money to improve them (or their interface) for existing customers who have already spent their money will not generate a surge of important new income.

But 50,000 WCOs pre-sold at $50.00/ea in a few days floods the Wyze bank account with a huge wave of money :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: :heavy_dollar_sign: :moneybag: and completely outweighs 3697 somewhat disgruntled users.

Yes! The good news is that anything Wyze releases will almost certainly be intended to work with their existing smart home collection. :slightly_smiling_face:

And when they get around to a web interface, it will have to control everything, which makes it a much more complex & distant project than just a webcam viewer.

I sincerely hope that Wyze will release the web interface before the corrosive effect of being ignored drives away too many once-loyal customers. Many fine contributors to this forum have already left for competing product lines .


I also can not see the correct Wyze app when looking on my tablet. It is an old Samsung 7", running Android 4.4. App owners have an ability to block downloads of their apps to older devices, with older operating systems. I am unclear if the invisibility of the correct app is due to the age/OS version of my tablet, or Wyze restricting it. I have a hard time seeing and operating all the features on my ‘standard’ sized Motorola cell phone, so I would love to use my tablet, or to have a Windows app. Or to solve the need for Windows/Apple/Linux apps, just give us an ability to connect via the web, making it nearly OS neutral. Using the web, again, making it less OS dependent, instead of a Windows only app, then an Apple only app. One development track aimed at the mutually useful web, gets all devices, even my old tablet, Windows and Blackberry phones, and Chromebooks.

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You could sideload the Android app on your older tablet. Download the .apk file from

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The older Wyze apps work great on Android 4. I get mine from Most such repositories will tell you exactly which OS version a particular download supports.

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Correct. Wyze app v1.4 (released back in 2018) and newer require Android 5.0+ so the Play Store will not offer the current versions to your tablet, but as and @Customer mention, you can easily sideload several different versions of from online archives.

Also, I suspect that if/when Wyze ever releases a browser interface, it will cover their entire smart home ecosystem and completely overpower any device that cannot be upgraded to Android 5.0 :frowning_face:

But while waiting to see what Wyze does re a browser based cam viewer, there is one more good option:

“tinyCam Free” version 13.2.1 is surprisingly stable & functional for me on Android 4.4 and is on

The big thing is that tinyCam Free can display as many screens as any older device can handle.

I run 4-up in landscape mode on a Samsung S3, and your tablet may do better. It will also handle the SMS version of 2FA.

So, a little more life for a reliable older device yet… :slightly_smiling_face:


I duspect newer versions of the WYZE app will actually run on Android 4.x once sideloaded.
TinyCam is great but the cameras have to be set up initially using the WYZE app.

Hmm, think I tried that first and it failed, but I can’t swear to it. Of course there might be a way to have it bypass the OS version check. Anyway, it was actually Alexa that held me back, since they don’t seem to have ever supported 4.x.

I also tried sideloading seemingly endless versions of Wyze & tinyCam. As they say, “Slowly I turned … step by step … inch by inch…,” I worked my way back until hitting versions that worked with Android 4.x. This ended up being Wyze v1.3.x and tinyCam v13.x for the hardware I had.

Altering the OS version check within the APK is a bit more involved with no guarantee that the app will work properly once it loaded. So I went with the time value of money and got slightly newer hardware. :slightly_smiling_face:

I still have one device running CyanogenMod, which is basically Android 5.0 running on a device designed for Android 4.4 or earlier. It’s a fun proof of concept, but runs a bit slow for doing most things with modern apps, and has zero support anymore.

As yes, definitely have to have one device running the Wyze app to set everything up in the first place! “When you have a broken computer, the most important tool to have is another computer that works.” :grinning:

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I just installed the Wyze app in Bluestacks on my MacBook Pro and it’s working great! At first, I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of portrait mode into fullscreen landscape. Using the rotate menu item in BS just rotated everything on it’s side. The trick is to click the little full screen icon in the upper corner and it will rotate to full screen landscape correctly.

You may also need to go into BS prefs and setup for a different device. I selected the Galaxy S10 and it’s working for me. So you might try to mess with it a bit more.

I’m not running Tiny Cam as I don’t really need it.

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Works great for me too on 2012 MacBook Pro. No stuttering or buffering.

I agree it would work better if it can be used on Windows

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this has been in research for 1.5 years!
Is the real issue bandwidth usage for cloud services?

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chrome plugin arc welder. crazy to use blue stacks.

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Don’t see how it could be? The live stream and SD playback always comes direct from the camera. The cloud clips have to get served from Wyze whether the client is a phone, a PC, or a Chromebook. The only new overhead is serving the web page and “app” code to frame it. Maybe the TUTK P2P setup is more difficult, or maybe they just don’t want to hire anyone who knows JavaScript?