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First of all, I would like to recognize and thank the Wyze team for thinking about “Live Stream”.
Second, I haven’t read the entire chat so, I will be sharing a few observation(s)/comment(s)/recommendation(s) of my own that may have been discussed or mentioned already.

  1. If Outdoor cam is not supported, it should not show up. In my case, my outdoor cam shows a black screen with “Livestream is not supported on this camera” message.
  2. ALL the cameras should show image previews when a group of cameras is selected. In my case 4 out of 5 show image, 1 of them (cam v3) stays in a black screen.
  3. The users should be able to save their preferred configuration once they customize Live Stream (for example if the user wants to focus on a specific group of cameras, that should be the group loading every time live stream runs).
  4. On the same note, if Live Stream recycles or gets disconnected for whatever reason, it should go back automatically to the user custom view with previously selected cameras.
  5. Ideally, the users would be able to sort the display windows of each camera individually to customize the display order and, the users should be able to rotate the image of the camera (especially but not limited to Doorbell Cam).
  6. The user should be able to download events from Live Stream (this one might be a little bit harder to accommodate).

I understand that this is just a Beta so the intend of my comments should be taking as onstructive feedback only :slight_smile:

I look forward to the next steps in the roadmap and, final version release :+1:t3:

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Thank you Alejandro for your comments. This Web View has been in “beta” test for six months now and I have seen very little change/improvements during that time. It is much more like an “Alpha” than a “Beta” test!. I only have four v3 cameras and using either Chrome or Edge I can very seldom get more than three cameras to connect at the same time: Not necessarily the same three. The only big fix I have seen was the security fix several months ago. One of my biggest complaints is that it doesn’t matter if I am connected through Chrome or Edge, if you leave the site you have to log back in and go through that damn Captcha again and start all over. I am 84-years young and I do not anticipate seeing Web View becoming a working product in my lifetime. It is about time WYZE stops introducing new products and fix the one they promised us many months ago. Of course, that is just my opinion!


When an educated elder speaks, it would behoove people to listen.


Hi Hal, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.
I understand how you feel about having to log back in and having to redo the captcha. Unfortunately, when it comes to online security, there is no way to satisfy everyone’s desires. I will guess that allowing to keep the live stream without validating credentials every now and then is something that comes with a very high risk for some people if their systems get hacked. Maybe Wyze can enable an option to keep the credentials in the browser’s cache after acknowledging the risk of doing so. Would you agree?
About the number of cameras connected at the same time, I have 1 Doorbell, 1 Outdoor (this one never connects, it’s not supported), four Cam v3, three Cam v2 and one Pan Cam for a total of 10 cameras. I can connect all but the Outdoor (expected) and the Doorbell (Pic 1) although, I normally focus on outside cameras only so, I check my outdoor group most of the times (Pic 2). I use Brave Browser which is based on Chrome. Maybe your problem is PC performance or internet speed rather than Wyze website and/or Browser?

Your statement is 100% false, it is not browser, internet speed or computer related issues. I have tried this on multiple PC’s including my gaming rig which was built within the last 6 months and cost nearly $4,000 without monitors. You can not get better hardware than I am currently using. I have also tried Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Edge and I have a 1gbps fiber connection. I have also tried this from other locations. I have NEVER ONCE gotten a single camera to stream for even a SECOND. All my cameras are V3 and all of them have Cam Plus. This feature simply DOES NOT work. All they do is spin continuously. I have waited up to an hour before to see what would happen, they never work. Even if people want to call this an “Alpha” instead of a “Beta” it’s not even that. It’s not even a Proof of Concept. It’s absolute dog poop is what it is.


I’m a youngster at only 58… and I don’t think i’ll see web view or Landscape view for Tablets in my lifetime either.

And I think your opinion is in alignment with many of us mere customers


I just use Kasa wireless wifi switches to turn the cameras power off and back on remotely thru Kasa App! I got tired of having to drive to my other house to restart cameras!

Hi @graybilldustin , I’m not sure what statement are you referring to, I did not state anything, all I did was share a few ideas based on my experience.
Wyze Live Stream as is requires lots of work, lots! (that is a statement), there is no doubt about it and, I guess they will get there some day… In the meantime, what a curious thing that it works better on my $300 ThinkCentre with Core i3 processor, 8GB RAM and no dedicated GPU. It looks like I put my money where it works better, my mining rig :upside_down_face:

Hi @nixhome2020, thank you for sharing with us.
I have to agree with you and others, Wyze needs to take some time for project improvement and bug fixing before adding more products (and more issues) to their bucket.
Landscape view for tablets works, right? It just needs to be optimized.
A question for you, have you tried tinyCam Monitor app on your tablet? (it works on Android and Fire OS only and it requires a little bit of configuration but, it may provide you with what you need).
By the way Hal (@travelingelk), when using Live Stream on Brave Browser in my tablet, I’m not being prompted to re-renter credentials and reCaptcha. maybe you can explore that possibility to “improve” your experience? (is more like a workaround, I’d say). I ran Wyze Live Stream on a cheap Amazon Fire tablet and it has the same problems and difficulties but at least the login experience seems to be less annoying.


I’m sorry, but Wyze are not listening. There has been ample time to put in bug/requirements to this so called Beta, We’ve seen virtually no improvements over 6 months! Seriously, all their effort is on the things the customer wants - like reliability, integration, App improvements (frankly it sucks), updates to the Watch, ideas for changes posted to the forum. Why, I’m guessing they are being driven by Sales/Marketing, or very bad designers/developers working on what they want.

Sadly, the price is no longer the deciding factor in todays modern home - we need integration with other products, like RING, Amazon Key, other security products, etc. This insular approach is bound to fail in the end.

Amen! I totally agree and in addition, Amazon might be getting a little upset also being as they are involved!

I won’t disagree in fact, I can sympathize with most of what you wrote and the way you feel but, it seems that you people are mistaking my intensions. I’m not defending Wyze, all I’m doing is sharing my experience in case that helps workaround or overcome some of the problems that you are facing. If anyone care to read my initial comment you would see that I’m sharing my own observations and dislikes with Wyze so, I’m also dissatisfied with Live Stream and also think that it has lots of opportunity and room for improvement.

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I have Cam Plus license and I logging with same account in my PC but I get message " Live steam is not supported on this camera". I don’t understand what is going on here.

What model camera is it?

Same here , nothing changed after logging in. I have a cam plus subscription.

What camera is your subscription on I know it currently will not work on the battery operated cams, also be sure your firmware is up to date

I was wondering whats going on

having the same issue here on my wyze cam v2, i have cam plus but when trying to use wyze web view im getting “Live stream is not supported on this camera. Learn More”

Fantastic Mark - Bravo!!!