View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Yep, same thing with my cameras. Probably not a good idea to go public until it works…

I think it’s great they went public. It gives us an opportunity to give them feedback about what we are looking for and what we may want in the product/service.

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Honestly I don’t think we’re getting the full picture on how this works or what it costs Wyze. At least I’m not.

WebRTC itself is already a P2P technology such that after setup, the streams go direct from camera to viewer. Just like ThroughTek / TUTK.

Kinesis is apparently a wrapper service around WebRTC provided by Amazon. But the resulting streams are still P2P! So, apparently, it’s NOT the case that video streams for the new Wyze web viewer HAVE to travel up to Kinesis servers and back down? Maybe they do, but they don’t have to.

This would mean that the web viewer bandwidth and computing costs to Amazon and Wyze should still be quite minimal?

More significantly for users it should mean that available upstream Internet bandwidth is NOT an issue for a local web view, AND that both live video and SD recording streams to browsers stay LOCAL to the home network (just like the TUTK streams to a phone), AND that even when roaming those streams are still point to point, AND that the live video never touches a Wyze or Amazon server, and that therefore security and privacy exposure is minimal for Wyze web viewing.

I also wonder if cameras on new firmware avoid TUTK entirely or if perhaps they use it as a fallback. I have to assume that my old firmware is still using only TUTK.

Kenesis / WebRTC / P2P:

Using Kinesis Video Streams with WebRTC, you can easily build applications for live peer-to-peer media streaming, or real-time audio or video interactivity between camera IoT devices, web browsers, and mobile devices for a variety of use cases. Such applications can help parents keep an eye on their baby’s room, enable homeowners to use a video doorbell to check who’s at the door, enable owners of camera-enabled robot vacuums to remotely control the robot by viewing the live camera stream on a mobile phone, and so on.

Reference to the WebRTC web view they might have licensed from TUTK instead:

General WebRTC info:

Interesting AWS/Wyze “case study”:

So in summary, I question why the web view costs to Amazon are supposedly so high (and exclusive to CamPlus) when the video never travels anywhere but your camera and your web browser. Just like the camera to phone app traffic.


You organized some good questions and references. We certainly don’t know all the details or information. So far this is all they’ve really said about the cost issue:

I find it interesting that Wyze doesn’t say that it IS expensive, but that it COULD BE expensive depending on how people end up using it. For some reason they have a limit on the number of streams they can have at a time too.

I definitely share some similar questions as to how it is different from streaming through the app, but it sounds like they learned from the Person Detection issue…instead of starting by giving it to everyone free and then finding out they can’t financially support that, here they are rolling it out more conservatively and running some numbers on how it’s used first and what they can actually handle.

Perhaps we can ask them for more details in the next AMA and see if they’ll provide some details. It would be interesting to hear the answers to some of your questions.


Will this work with the Outdoor Cams as well? I tried and it did not work for me. Also, will this eventually work with a Raspberry Pi?

No (and there currently are no plans to support it)

If you load a browser on it and can navigate to a website, then yes, it should work right now.


will there be options to re arrange the layout of the cameras? this is going to be something people with several cams are going to want. i think when this comes and more reliability i will upgrade to cam plus everything


So far, the Live Stream BETA never worked for me. No streams, just spinning icons… :sob:

How long do I have to wait after signing up for the unlimited cam plus before it does anything but give me the spinning circle. Also will my previous monthly services be cancelled. I tried to cancel they and add them into my new unlimited account.

Your Cam Plus Unlimited licenses should work pretty much immediately (at least mine did).
Open the app → Acount Tab → Services → Remove your cams from the old licenses → Add your cams into the section that says “99 Licenses”

Now from the Home Tab, open up each of your cams, go to settings and under Event recording turn on all the features you want to trigger recordings (Detects Motion, detects sound and what AI smart detections).

Once you have all your cams set up on the new Cam Plus Unlimited Licenses, go cancel and of your old single licenses. Go to and login then click on account, find your single licenses and select EDIT and click “CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION” which will then cancel the old single license subscriptions and give you a prorated credit back for the remaining time.

If you have trouble doing that yourself, you can contact support to help take care of it for you.

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Has there been any thought given to allowing the rearrangement of the cameras on the web page? They are not in the same sequence I have them arranged in the app and it would be nice to be able to arrange them so I could see the ones I want on each “page”.


The ONLY place I’d want to use web view is while at home on my computer so I could have a window open at times to monitor without going to my phone or tablet device. So if a CamPlus subscription is required PER CAMERA to use WebView, that’s a non-starter, ESPECIALLY if that stream is just being tapped locally and not having to go to 3rd party servers. I think after so many people have asked for this feature for so long, tying it exclusively to CamPlus is a kick to the face.

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Anyone else notice that scrolling in full screen mode doesn’t work? The small window shows the whole camera view, but the full screen cuts off the bottom and right side. The scroll bars don’t work.

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The email I received noted it was in beta, however, they do not really discuss or make clear what that means elsewhere via the links except a few places in the FAQs if you actually click through them. If you signed up from the “beta” email, I would expect you to know that is not a launch, but user testing phase. If not, certainly worth taking up with WYZE directly.

yes, i had to resize the window to the correct proportions to see the whole camera view.

Launched Web Live numerous times. While internet speed is above 100 Mbps, only one camera at a time may be ‘live’ for view. Need improvement on bandwidth usages.

I will say that have over 12 streaming live simultaneously right now as I type, so I know Wyze has it quite capable of doing a ton of cameras at a time as I do it all the time. I frequently have at least 4-5 streaming, but I tested if I could have over a dozen, and it held up just fine.

  • I use Chrome.
    • (downside of Chrome is that if you don’t have the window or tab actively selected, it is likely to try to kill the connection sooner…so in some ways other browsers are more likely to leave your stream running longer while you do other stuff…this is intentional in Chrome, not a Wyze issue [Wyze will leave the stream running as long as the browser will allow it to be active], so if you want the streams to run all day on a second monitor while you are using other windows and doing other stuff, you might want something other than Chrome/chromium-based…just not Firefox yet)
  • My router is Asus AX6600
  • 1Gbps up and down
  • I do have a pretty expensive laptop though, including 32GB RAM.

I just read a statement from Jimmy from Wyze on Discord where he said that currently all the streams are in 1080p, but they’re working toward being able to stream at lower qualities because a lot of people with lower upload speeds are having problems at the moment. Original statement:

So it sounds like they’re saying if it’s only allowing limited cams at a time, the problem is usually the person’s local ISP’s upload limitations (which is often way lower than the download rate), especially for anyone on Cable (which uses a daisy-chain that shares the bandwidth with the whole neighborhood and thus will especially have worse UL speeds during peak hours). So most people probably have enough download bandwidth for multiple cams, but might be struggling to be able to have enough cams all at once with a constant full HD upload in addition to all other traffic (and limited simultaneous connections based on the modem, what DOCSIS version it supports, number of channels, etc can all make a big difference)…but I suspect Upload limits will be most people’s issues (probably not yours if you have at least 100Mbps dl though…I can’t imagine your ul would be very low).

On the bright side, he said they should be having some updates coming to help with those who are having some problems from upload limitations to improve use and experience with it. I hope some of those updates come soon and help. It would be great if it is a variable setup so we can all get the best quality possible with the full amount of cameras we want to use at the time. I know my eufy cams do something similar. If my connection to them is really good or local, I get the stream in HD, but if my connection is weak, instead of denying me streaming, it just reduces the bitrate so I can still see the stream. I think Wyze is looking to do something similar so everyone can benefit from the feature to the best of what they have.

I hope future updates they are working on will make it easier for more people to stream more at a time soon. At least we do know they are aware this is a struggle with the current Beta and said they are working on improving it. :slight_smile:


Don’t shoot the messenger, but I read previously that these streams still utilize Amazon Web Services and Amazon charges Wyze per connection for this. So to help Wyze offset that cost, they’re tying the feature to a CamPlus subscription.

Just tried that and can’t seem to delete the individual licenses. When I click on one a box comes up that says available devices but I can’t do anything with it.

Yes, except that they don’t NEED to for streaming. Amazon Kinesis uses direct P2P WebRTC or local connections between camera and viewer (just like the phone app does). But I have no idea how they charge.