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FWIW, mine stopped working and I got the spinning circle - began working again after I power cycled it and updated firmware to the latest. Worth a try. But even when the live stream works, I still got the spinning circle for about 30 seconds or so before the actual camera image loaded.

I think it’s great that we can monitor our cameras via web browser.
I’m disappointed that Wyze Cam Outdoor devices are not viewable at this time.
My hunch is that it’s feasible but could contribute to battery drain on the devices themselves.
Even if there was a way to get a real-time snapshot from the devices, that would be helpful.

FYI - It does work for me. All I get is spinning and one camera not recognized since it is not on CamPlus. So I’m a bit surprised to see Wyze Webview ad in my email for something that still didn’t get out of beta, unless I’m missing something.

Just as a point of interest, it seems that all Wyze devices are slow in responding and notifying I don’t know how they have it set up but something needs to change

New here. Quick question pertaining the CamPlus Unlimited. Does the $99 only provide access to the webview and we are required to carry the additional CamPlus subscription per camera? …or would the unlimited plan roll in the current camplus subscriptions to a single plan for the unlimited yearly rate?

I got it too. It’s basically worded as an ad for CamPlus in order to get web view.

It’s not $99 for web view. Web view is “free” for every camera you’re paying CamPlus for. The $99 is the regular CamPlus deal.


For a Big Monkey you’re pretty damn smart! I agree with you 1000%

I knew it ! I mean, I knew that if anyone here knew how to use FF with Wyze View or knew there was a problem, @carverofchoice would be one of those that did. He’s always in the know. One of my heroes here.

Thank you @carverofchoice


Aw, thanks for the kind words buddy. Sorry I didn’t have better news [yet].

Since my post, I did try various tweaks to try to get it to load on FF, but haven’t had any success worth reporting yet. I’ve read that there have been some similar problems for other companies with live streaming issues on FF in the past, and I tried some workarounds that seemed to help with some of those cases (including looking at some of the Javascript coding), but they didn’t work for me with this case yet. I’ll let you know if I find something that gets it to work in FireFox, but I am starting to think we probably just have to wait for the Dev’s to launch their official fix for it, at least for Live streaming…Events are working okay to view in FF at least, so I can review recordings that recently happened, we just can’t live-stream it through FF yet.

For now I just launch live stream in one of the other browsers when I need it. It would be nice if the update comes for it before everyone takes their end-of-year vacations…


Agree with all of these

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There have been way too many comments here to read through, but overall the feature is great for where it stands today! My only feedback would be that if the browser does not grant permission to my microphone, the page should continue to load the stream rather than stop loading. I don’t allow my browser to access my microphone, and this prevents the page from loading. As soon as I do allow it, it works - but this should not be necessary to simply view a stream.

I’m on OSX Monterey using Safari, if that helps any :slight_smile:


Well done! WebView is working great so far. Mac using Safari and Mac using Chrome.

@carverofchoice , thankeeee. That’s good 'nuff for me. Wait and see if devs fix it. Your review satisfies me. I appreciate your comments. (And Merry Christmas.)

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Which is usually ALPHA software. Beta usually is functional with some bugs. This is definitely ALPHA…

The traditional definition of beta has meant feature complete. I hope that isn’t the case here as the current implementation - as much as I appreciate Wyze’s effort - is missing some key features. Scrubbing, for example - it looks like it’s there because the cursor changes to a hand when it’s on the timeline, but clicking does nothing. Also, with the timeline and timestamp not visible during event playback, one can’t determine where one is in the clip, or even tell if it’s actually playing if there’s no obvious motion.

I’d also add the ability to download events, which is a feature included in the web view of a competitor.

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This is great however I can’t watch a live image of my Wyze Cam Outdoor on this… Not really happy about that…

Both my cameras have Cam Plus, both are up to date on firmware (along with the base station), and I’ve tried unassigning and reassigning the Plus licenses on both cameras, but when I go to the webview page, I’m seeing an error that they need to have Cam Plus to use this feature. Any idea what could be going on?

My only thought is that this might not be supported on outdoor cams yet?

That is correct. There are currently no plans to enable this for battery-operated cams. Hopefully we can convince Wyze to change this to us accepting a disclaimer that it will reduce battery life, or at least allow it while they have a power source, but for now, don’t expect battery-based cameras to be supported with the webview.

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soooo it looks like it’s not worth upgrading to camplus for this due to glitches. I think I will wait until it get releases to public

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Odd. I have a competitor battery cam with web view support. I think battery life is the reason often given for live stream time-outs (which annoy me - why shouldn’t the owner be allowed to make that tradeoff?), but I’m not understanding how web view is any harder on battery life than app viewing.

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