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Well, I normally read specs and reviews pretty closely before I buy, although the $25 delivered cost didn’t push me to overly scrutinize it as much as my anal tendencies regarding most of my tech type purchases. Anyway, I screwed because I assumed any modern IP device has a browser or similar web interface - like my NAS, my router, my printer - even an old cctv system that was left behind by previous owner of the house. That system is 15 yrs old and has a web interface, has a plugin for IE to view remotely, but unfortunately the res sucks, no wifi and small HD - was considering just a new NVR box with wifi but we really don’t need 8 cams - one for front for package deliveries is sufficient. Anyway, blame me for my ignorance and stupidity for assuming all these IP devices had web interfaces - dumb [MOD EDIT] me got what I deserved.

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