View On PC/Browser (Windows / Mac / Chromebook)

Just some feedback - When I’m viewing a live stream in Chrome (PC, Windows 10) and close a different tab (the only tab other than Wyze view) I lose the view and have to open it up again. Seems like some kind of bug - an annoyance.

It says “redirecting to login page”, then I get a black window and need to press the Play button to get the view back.

(Just setup my first Wyze cam today; very impressed. The web access is important to me - I did pay for Cam+ to get it.)

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For me, the webview does not load until I stream the cam with one of my phones. At that point, the web piece works fine.

Also, now that web is here, the next key function is to be able to download the videos.

Same thing. Cameras just spin. All on Cam+. Up to date. Using Firefox. Events playback just fine.

Looks like Chrome is what they are testing with, and it works for me. I’m only getting the spinner for 4 seconds local, and 6 seconds remote. Changing tabs is not an issue any more for me.

Continuing issues:

  • support for Edge, FF and Safari?
  • timeout causes a login request (need to be able to keep cameras active)
  • ability to pan
  • need to be able to reorder windows, and break out a separate window per camera
  • ongoing performance
  • Cam+ decision. Was this decision based on restricting the Beta, or making more money? I have cameras that don’t require Cam+ but DO require web view.


@ roger It took a few hours/day for my new camera to work on the web view.

@ wyze team,
I would also like to add my voice to very frustrating user experiences with the feature/UI.

  • I have to get a text code EVERY time I login which with issues 2, it is a great pain. We need to have an option to ‘trust this device’ to prevent needing a text code every login.

  • After an amount of time (minutes/hour, not sure), ANY time the tab or window in chrome loses focus, even briefly, it will cause the page to revert back to the login screen. Meaning I need to get another text code. So annoying! Really need to not have loss of focus result in needing to login again!!

  • The sound option doesn’t work, even unmuted no sound is streamed from the camera (on google chrome)

  • Camera does take a fair amount longer to load the stream than compared to the app

  • Really don’t like this is locked behind cam+ subscription

These are the main issues (first 3 are main ones) that are very much hindering my experience when using this camera as a puppy monitor.

I have Cam Plus and cameras assigned. The WebView has been working fine. Tonight, I got “You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started.” I did add several new V3s, but each has a trial Cam Plus. However, I can’t see any of the cameras, including those who are on paid Cam Plus. Anyone else seeing this?

I am seeing the same issue as you now. Prior to today, I was able to see my cameras but now I cannot. I will be contacting support in the morning on this issue.

Thank you, Mr. Bond. Glad to hear that I am not the only one. I too, have contacted support.

I confirm this issue. I assume it’s just a temporary thing while they are doing some updates. Still, thanks for posting about it. It might be helpful to make sure Wyze knows, just in case, so we can get it back up to normal again.


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Same here. As the feature is in beta, Wyze has probably taken the liberty to do unannounced maintenance this evening.


Oh yeah, thanks, I forgot about the implications from it being beta and them having to do regular updates that could take it down sometimes while they work on it. Here’s hoping it’s down while they are fixing it to work for Firefox! Jimmy did say a while ago that the devs were actively working on fixing that. Or they could just be getting some good stability updates or something. Middle of the night is a good time to do such updates when it will affect the fewest amount of people. Come on Firefox fix! :slight_smile:

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Pretty standard industry practice to put up a maintenance notice that the site is unavailable until _____ rather than a misleading and somewhat alarming message that the user doesn’t have any cams on their account.

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I am now getting the message below when it was working previously and the cam3 is working in the app. What am I missing?

You don't have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started.

I see this too. It must be some system failure.

I use to be able to view my cams on Opera but now I get to what Microsoft called the blue screen of death but for Wyze it is:
You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started. It is the same for Opera, FireFox and Edge.

Hi - There seems to be an issue with the View on PC/Browser (Windows / Max / Chromebook) this morning. It seem to have started after midnight 1/5/2022. Several folks are on the forum this morning discussing and wondering. The error message is “You don’t have any Wyze Cams paired with your account. Please add a Wyze Cam through the Wyze app to get started.” Can you advise?

@WyzeGwendolyn Hi, can we get an update on the Web View issues? I know it’s Beta, but people who have paid for Cam+ licences will expect some sort of regular updates:

  1. Status (up/down) and ETAs
  2. Latest changes and what to expect
  3. issues and concerns still being worked on (like FF support)

We all love this feature, so please try to improve the quality of service.


It was my first time trying to use this feature… and nothing… very disappointing to see this :frowning:

Please keep in mind that Web View is not a finished consumer product/service… you are accessing a beta work in progress. Web View is currently undergoing a cloud deployment. No estimate on availability or what feature changes if any will be available when service is restored.

Update: Web View is back online.


It’d be nice if you could have put that information on the website, or in this post, so we know it’s down on purpose and Wyze is aware.

I’m still having the problem I’ve had for weeks in that I can’t actually click my camera to view the stream.

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