View cloud recording

hi there,

just got a wyze cam v2, completed setup but am at loss on how to view/delete cloud recordings.
Is there a way to view all recordings stored in cloud?
is there a way to delete them?

Event tab in the app. You tap individual thumbnails to view them.

You can delete them after viewing (there’s a Delete icon at the bottom), or mass delete by tapping the three dots in the upper right in the Events tab, and then Delete Events. Select all, or some, and then Delete (lower left).


thank you Rick for your detailed answer.
i am concerned about storing videos in the cloud but do see the benefit in having them. any idea what type of security is implemented to allow access only for my account?

Welcome to the community, @gigagigosu. You might be interested in the Wyze Support Articles. :slight_smile:

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thank you all for answering my questions!

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