Video feed scroll restarts after watching any video

For the last couple of days, when selecting a video to see in the feed on the Wyze app, after watching, then tapping the back button in the app or on my phone, it takes me all the way back to the beginning of the scroll to the newest videos, meaning I have to scroll the whole way down again to watch videos from the past, so if this is yesterday for example or a week back, it becomes impossible.

Is this a known bug? I’m using Android phone.


Yes, has been talked about a lot.
I assume you are talking about watching events.

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It’s a known bug that Wyze is working on:


Thanks, yeah I’m referring to when I look at the activity feed, after watching a video, the feed starts at the very beginning again when I go back instead of the feed continuing where I left off, so it’s forcing me to do the scroll load all the way from the beginning. This only started happening maybe 3 or 4 days ago.

The bigger issue is the more long-standing issue in that to go back a full day at a certain time, let, alone 2 weeks to look at a video from the activity feed is a terrible experience in that there’s no filter option to choose a time of day.


Understood. Many have reported the same issue. I reported it 7 days ago here:

We have several forum topics in the Wishlist category suggesting enhancements and alternative designs to make event navigation easier.

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This is core functionality which I would imagine is the most used feature of the app and should be part of regression testing before any update goes to production. The fact we are now on week 2 with no fix is ridiculous…

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Yes absolutely ridiculous this is not fixed. I just updated to the latest and it still does it. Highly annoying.
Why can’t we have a feature where we can dial in a date and time to go directly to some events?
Flick scrolling sucks.

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Wow, I came to ask about this. So, I’m not the only one. It’s so annoying. Glad its being looked into. I didn’t have a problem with it until this past week.


Unbelievable it’s not fixed yet. It’s been how long seems like 6-8 weeks?

Any updates on status?

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So annoying! It makes me not want to deal with even looking at my events.

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Fantastic, thanks for confirming a fix is on the way for the

“Rest assured, a fix is being prioritize,” says Wyze over a month ago. :roll_eyes:

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They probably have to go through tons of codes before they find where to fix it.

Looks like this is resolved in version :grin:!

Initial testing seems to confirm it’s resolved.
Wow that was terribly annoying bug. Hopefully doesn’t happen again.
Thanks for the update.

It’s still doing it in mine.

On ??
I just got update this morning
Double check version in ACCOUNT | ABOUT

Mine is on one of them. Didn’t check the rest of them. I haven’t gotten any updates this week.

I believe that’s may be a camera firmware version.

The event scrolling appears to be an app issue and is just rolling out thru App updates like Google Play Store.
Check the ACCOUNT | ABOUT (Android) Which should display your app version below the WYZE logo on top of the page.
2.45.0 (342) is version I installed earlier today.

You should get update soon if starting to roll out.

Ohhh ok, thanks. Will do.